Magical Heart-Shaped Islands and Lakes From Around the World

The world is filled with marvels almost too gorgeous to seem real. Among them are these islands and bodies of water that are shaped like the symbol of love.

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Heart Reef in Queensland, Australia
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Heart Reef – Queensland, Australia

Located in the Great Barrier Reef of the Whitsundays, Heart Reef is 55 feet in diameter and one of nature’s best mysteries. The coral formed into the shape of a heart by itself over time and was discovered in 1975 by a pilot. Unfortunately, swimming, snorkelling, and diving is prohibited on the island. The only way to see this lovely view is by plane or helicopter. Here are more great reasons you should still visit Australia.

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Galesnjak Island in Croatia
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Galesnjak Island – Croatia

Also referred to as “Lover’s Island” and “the Island of Love,” Galesnjak Island’s shape was first discovered in the 19th century by one of Napoleon’s cartographers. Its isolated location in the Pasman channel of the Adriatic offers privacy and silence for those seeking relaxation and romance. Since the heart-shaped island is privately owned and uninhabited, there are no amenities or man-made structures. The island only consists of wild plants and trees making for a true getaway for those who truly want to feel like part of nature. Check out these beaches with the clearest water in the world.

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Lake Ouler in Wicklow, Ireland
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Lake Ouler – Wicklow, Ireland

Lake Ouler is located in Wicklow Mountains National Park and it’s definitely a sight to see. That is, as long as you can hike the challenging 33rd highest mountain in Ireland. The lake’s creation dates back to the Ice Age, when it was formed by glaciers and now sits on the side of the Tonelagee Mountain. Tonelagee stands at an altitude of 2,680 feet.

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St. Paul's Bay in Greece
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St. Paul’s Bay – Lindos, Rhodes, Greece

Sitting on the southeast coast of Rhodes, St. Paul’s Bay’s two beaches are a sunbather’s paradise. Both beaches offer sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, cafes, and gorgeous views. The clean and warm water is also ideal for those who are interested in snorkelling and diving. The best time to visit the bay is before 10 a.m., as the beaches tend to become crowded and sunbeds are sparse.

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Lake Calvaresc in Switzerland
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Lake Calvaresc – Grisons, Switzerland

Lake Calvaresc, which translates to “Lake of Heart,” is nestled between the Calanca and Mesolcina valleys in the Swiss Alps. Most travellers reach this destination by hiking for three days through the Calanca Mountain Trail, making stops at mountain huts on their way up. After hiking up the mountainside and reaching 7,000 feet, hikers finally meet Lake Calvaresc. Surrounded by alpine roses near the summer months, larch trees in autumn, and shady woods year-round, this heart-shaped lake is well worth its travel time.

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Trnovacko Lake in Montenegro
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Trnovačko Lake – Montenegro

Hidden beneath Mt. Maglić, Trnovačko Lake is completely surrounded by even more incredible mountains. It spans about 2,300 feet long and 1,300 feet wide. The verdict? It’s only accessible by two ways: a four-to-five hour hike through Prijevor or by directly descending from the peak of Mt. Maglić, which is 7,828 feet tall. However, once the lake is reached, travelers can take a breather and go for a refreshing swim. And, of course, take in all of the beautiful scenery.

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Heart Island in Argentina
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Isla Corazón – Argentinian Patagonia

Isla Corazón, which translates as, “Heart Island,” is located in Mascardi Lake in Nahuel Huapi National Park in the Bariloche region of the Argentinian Patagonia. The very still and quiet lake drives many kayakers and fishers to its scenic location. Isla Corazón stretches for 22 kilometres and offers stunning views of its surrounding mountains and forests.

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Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Rodrigo de Freitas – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Located on the southern side of Rio, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a canal. The lagoon is often referred to as “the heart of Rio.” While the water isn’t ideal for swimming, “duck boats” are available for rent to paddle around the lagoon. Bikes are also available. Longboarding and biking around the lagoon are popular activities, as well.

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Makepeace Island in Queensland, Australia
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Makepeace Island – Queensland, Australia

Yes, another heart-shaped island in Queensland! Makepeace Island is a 25 acre resort located along Australia’s Sunshine Coast. According to its website, “Luxuriously accommodating up to 20 castaways, Makepeace offers a unique fusion of luxury and wilderness creating an idyllic place to escape and unwind.” The resort is fully equipped with a tennis court, pool, theatre, pavilion, spa, bar, volcanic boulder bathtubs, and even a koala conservancy! Next, check out the 50 best beaches in the world.

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