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7 Purr-Fect Destinations for Cat Lovers

In honour of our feline friends and the ones that love them most, has found the ultimate getaways for cat lovers that will please even the most finicky feline.

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Cat at the Edmonton Cat FestivalPhoto: Nanc Price Photography

Best Destinations for Cat Lovers: Edmonton, Canada

The only event of its kind in Canada, the annual Edmonton Cat Festival is one of the world’s best destinations for cat lovers. And while you’ll have to wait until May 2017 to attend, the festival is a must-visit! Offering everything from meet and greets with celebrity cats, cat yoga, and cat-themed food trucks, it’ll be easy to spend an entire day here. If your cat pose has been perfected, head over to the Matrix Hotel where you can curl up in front of the fireplace in one of its cozy suites.

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Cat Boat in Amsterdam, NetherlandsPhoto: De Poezenboot

Best Destinations for Cat Lovers: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Picture Noah’s Ark, but with cats. That what it’s like on the De Poezenboot (literally translates to cat boat). This floating cat sanctuary is home to over 50 abandoned and stray cats who spend most of their time duck watching while receiving the occasional chin scratch from visitors that stop by daily. Want to see what living on a boat is all about? Make a reservation at the Kapitein Anna, a century old paddle steamer, where you can receive the cat boat experience, minus the chin scratches.

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Cats on Tashirojima Island, JapanPhoto:

Best Destinations for Cat Lovers: Tashirojima Island, Japan

Have you ever dreamt of a place where cats outnumber humans? Time to take a trip to Tashirojima Island where the feline to human ratio is six to one. Cats bring luck in Japanese culture, which explains why the locals have continued feeding and caring for the feral kitties. Luckily, the furry residents welcome tourists with open claws and will gladly pose in a selfie. Pay homage to a kitty that met an unfortunate fate at the island’s cat shrine, then check out the cat-themed architecture on the island’s south side. Sail back to the mainland and feast on the famous feline approved Oyster Dishes of Miyagi Prefecture before settling in for the night at the Sendai Royal Park Hotel.

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Ernest Hemingway Home and MuseumPhoto: Shutterstock/Robert Hoetink

Best Destinations for Cat Lovers: Key West, USA

As Ernest Hemingway once said, “One cat just leads to another.” This couldn’t be more true for the author, whose house in the Keys was home to over 50 cats. A popular tourist attraction, the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum still has descendants of his original six-toed cat Snow White roaming the grounds for visitors to admire. When you’ve had your fill of feline entertainment, head over to the Old Town Manor where you can sprawl out on the terrace for a cat-inspired sun bath.

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Cat Festival in BelgiumPhoto: Shutterstock/Maxim Mayorov

Best Destinations for Cat Lovers: Ypres, Belgium

One of the longest-running celebrations of cats, Kattenstoet (Cat Festival) is held every three years and draws in hundreds of tourists. Dress up as your favourite kitty companion and watch as toy cats are hurled from the Belfry Tower in Cloth Hall into the Town Qquare, representing an old Ypres tradition. Want a dose of history while in town? Stay at the B&B Ter Vesten, a former weaving mill, and enjoy the beautiful gardens and homemade jams.

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Cat monument in Kuching, MalaysiaPhoto: Shutterstock/Elena Mirage

Best Destinations for Cat Lovers: Kuching, Malaysia

Is it possible for an entire city to be obsessed with cats? In Kuching (which literally means “cat” in Malay), it sure is! Not only will you find cat statues scattered across town, you’ll also see cat souvenirs, cat fountains, and cat cafes. Step inside the Cat Museum to peruse over 4,000 feline artifacts, including a mummified cat from ancient Egypt. Enjoy the finer things Kuching has to offer and spend the night at The Ranee Boutique, where you can dine and people watch from your personal balcony.

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Largo Di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is one of the world's best destinations for cat loversPhoto: Shutterstock

Best Destinations for Cat Lovers: Rome, Italy

Want to see the ancient world but worried about experiencing cat withdrawal? The Largo Di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is the answer. Built where Julius Caesar was killed in 44 BCE, the Theater of Pompey is now home to over 250 cats that are cared for by volunteers. Many of the cats here are special needs and visitors are encouraged to adopt them. (Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new best friend). Need a place to stay with your new companion? The Portrait Roma offers beautiful suites that are luxurious as well as pet friendly.