The One Word You Need to Say to Get Your Flight Attendant to Like You

Yes, flight attendants do play favourites.

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Want your flight attendant to like you? It’s easy!

You can probably imagine that there are plenty of things your flight attendant won’t tell you. One of the little-known secrets of the skies? Behind their warm smiles and greetings, your flight attendants started judging you the minute you boarded the plane. But don’t worry! When it comes to getting on their good side, all it takes is one simple word.

“You would be surprised at the number of passengers who are so focused on getting to their seat that they completely ignore the flight attendant who speaks to them,” Abbie Unger, a former attendant for United, Continental, and US Airways Express and author of a book on career advice for flight attendants, told HuffPost.

Giving a smile and a simple “hello” to your flight attendants as you board the aircraft can make a huge difference, according to flight attendant Kara Mulder. Not only will it improve their day—not to mention their mood!—but it could also land you some extra perks. Flight attendants “have some of the most interesting stories [to tell], if you just take a second to listen,” Mulder said. And they might be more likely to slip you an extra mini bottle of wine, too.

So the next time you board a plane, just remember: “It starts with the basics,” Unger said. “Use the good manners that your mama taught you.”

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