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Why You Need to Book a Hotel Staycation This Summer

The best way to ease back into travel is a luxe hotel stay in your own backyard.

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Overnight Bag PackedPhoto: Erol Ahmed / Unsplash

The great escape

There comes a time when the four walls of your home really start to close in. Living in a 600-square-foot condo in downtown Toronto, I know the feeling all too well—never more so than during this pandemic. It’s been a wild ride, veering between a mild case of COVID-induced claustrophobia and full-blown cabin fever, but the end finally seems to be in sight.

With my vacation days untouched and two doses of the vaccine flowing through my veins, I was ready to plan my great escape from those cramped quarters. But where to? After so long in solitary confinement, the thought of venturing too far from my familiar digs felt strangely uncomfortable. It had to be nearby—a quick car ride, at most—but it also had to feel like a proper getaway; like I was leaving the baggage of the past 16 months behind me.

In short, it had to be a staycation, and I knew just the place.

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St. Regis Toronto - ExteriorPhoto: St. Regis Toronto

A slice of luxury

We’ve all got that hotel that we dream of “maybe one day” staying at. For me, it was a place that I’d strolled past for years, but because it was literally down the street from my own perfectly comfy bed, it had never made sense to splurge. Well, it made sense to me now, and feeling flush thanks to a long-awaited refund from travel plans that were cancelled last spring, I booked a weekend stay at my dream hotel, the St. Regis Toronto.

Here’s what my getaway was like—and why there’s never been a better time to book a hotel staycation.

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St. Regis Toronto - LobbyPhoto: St. Regis Toronto

A very warm welcome

When you check-in at a place like the St. Regis Toronto, you’re instantly reminded of how nice it is to feel like you’re being looked after. Besides not having to make your meals (or your bed!) for a night or two, it’s a real treat to be greeted by a warm, welcoming (albeit masked) face. There’s a genuine sense that hotel staff have been looking forward to your stay just as much as you have, which is understandable given how hard the hotel industry was hit by the pandemic. When you think about it, by choosing a hotel staycation, you’re investing in your local economy, supporting tourism and hospitality in your own backyard. Talk about a win-win!

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St. Regis Toronto - Corner Suite Living RoomPhoto: St. Regis Toronto

Brand new suites

Many hotels—including the St. Regis Toronto—were hives of activity throughout the lockdown; not with guests, of course, but with renovations. Over the course of the pandemic, all guest rooms in the St. Regis Toronto were treated to a full facelift from international award-winning Chapi Chapo Design. Decorated in a soothing palette of soft greys and blues, with accents in warm wood and burnished brass, the redesigned rooms have an understated elegance that’s chic, but never stuffy. The recent reno also meant that everything in my stunning 900-square-foot corner suite (yes, it was bigger than my condo) was brand spanking new. For all I knew, I was the first person who’d even spent the night there—a comforting thought when you’ve spent the last 16 months obsessing over germs.

Take a look at the ways hotels are ensuring the safety of guests and staff during the pandemic.

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St. Regis Toronto - King bed bedroomPhoto: St. Regis Toronto

A new perspective

A hotel staycation gives you the chance to be a tourist in your own backyard. It encourages you to see your home from a new perspective—and in the case of the St. Regis Toronto, I mean that literally. From my perch on the 27th floor, I was treated to a bird’s eye view of Toronto that honestly made me fall in love with my hometown all over again. From this vantage point, the city streets that had grown so familiar during pandemic walks suddenly seemed fresh, and filled with architecture and alleys I couldn’t wait to explore.

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St. Regis Toronto - BathroomPhoto: St. Regis Toronto

Your own private spa

When it comes down to it, a luxury hotel staycation is all about leaving the world behind for a taste of the high life, and if there’s one thing in the St. Regis Toronto that epitomizes the high life, it’s the bathrooms. Decked out entirely in gleaming white marble, and equipped with heated floors, a TV (built into the vanity mirror itself) and luxe grooming products from Laboratoire Remède, it’s nothing short of your own private spa. Treat yourself to a long, steamy soak in the oversized jetted tub, then wrap yourself in one of the plush cotton robes for a slice of Dynasty-level decadence.

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St. Regis Toronto - Iridium Spa LoungePhoto: St. Regis Toronto

…And a destination spa

Way up on the 31st floor, you’ll find what truly makes the St. Regis Toronto a destination in itself. With a claim to fame as “Canada’s highest luxury spa,” the hotel’s brand-new Iridium Spa provides the ultimate in pampering and self-care—two things that have been incredibly hard to come by over the past year. From relaxing massages to rejuvenating masks, choose from the full menu of spa treatments to melt away stress and take your hotel staycation to the next level.

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St. Regis Toronto - Louix Louis restaurantPhoto: St. Regis Toronto

Decadent dining options

When you really need to spoil yourself, what could beat ordering a meal through room service? The St. Regis Toronto has the answer in the form of “in-room dining.” An elevated take on the classic hotel perk, in-room dining literally transports a table from the hotel’s 31st-floor destination restaurant, LOUIX LOUIS (above), to the privacy of your own suite. Forget eating off of a tray: your server will dress your suite’s dining table with full place settings (think cloth napkins and ice-filled champagne buckets for beverages), before laying out your entire meal, restaurant-style. Between the incredible food and luxurious presentation, it’s the ultimate hotel upgrade, and a wonderful way to enjoy Toronto’s hottest bar and restaurant before it fully reopens for indoor dining.

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