7 Pet Peeves All Flight Attendants Have

Not sure if you’re that annoying person on the plane? These passenger habits are the biggest flight attendant pet peeves.

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Pet Peeve: When You Don’t Listen to Your Flight Attendant’s Directions

It’s easy to forget that being told to stay seated is mainly for your safety. Curb that enthusiasm and listen to orders given by the pilot and flight attendants. “Upon landing, this doesn’t give everyone to right to get up. It’s not safe and just because you see the flight attendants up, it’s not free range for every passenger.” — Rachel Williams, flight attendant for nine years

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Pet Peeve: We Are Not Your Babysitters

If you are flying with children, remember that they are STILL your responsibility. “Asking me to watch your child while you use the toilet. This was serious issue because god forbid there was turbulence and the child went flying. Guess who would be left to blame?” — Anna Aplatt, flight attendant for two years

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Pet Peeve: Being Rude

Remember, your flight attendant probably hasn’t been home in awhile. It’s important to be on your best behaviour. “Being on reserve for four times out of the year for 15 years was very tiring. Now that I’m retired I mainly don’t like that they took away my travel privileges” — Nadia Waite, flight attendant for 25+ years

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Pet Peeve: Being Disrespectful of Other Passengers

Getting comfortable in an airplane is no easy feat, but when doing so you should still be mindful of others in front and behind you. “Airline seats are designed to be as comfortable as possible given available space. It was always a pet peeve when passengers would intentionally push, bang, or otherwise interfere with the reclining of another passenger’s seat. Bottom-line, each passenger gets to recline their seat.” — Nancy Knutson, flight attendant for four years

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Pet Peeve: Attendants Are Not Your Servants

Many people get into the mindset that they’re on vacation and all their worries go out the door once they’re on board a plane. However, let’s not neglect those manners. “Many passengers do not respond to a question such as, “Would you care for a beverage?” They either ignore the flight attendant or wave their hand in disapproval as to not be bothered or inconvenienced. And, when they do want something, they yell out, “hey, you!” or pinch a flight attendant on their waist or backside, or yank on their uniform or apron. Nothing irritates a female or male crew member more than being touched or pinched on their body…totally inexcusable.” — Jon Ferguson, flight attendant for 30 years

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Pet Peeve: Not Getting That Your Safety is a Priority

It’s expected that you will get up during a long flight to stretch your legs or use the restroom. But do so when you are permitted to, not as you please. “Don’t ask if you can go to the bathroom while the seatbelt sign is on. We can NEVER say ‘yes’. If we say yes, and you get injured, WE PERSONALLY get fined. Just don’t ask.” — Mary Beth Pickard, flight attendant for 11 years

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Pet Peeve: People Who Over-Pack Their Carry-Ons

Who hasn’t been guilty of overpacking a carry-on bag when flying? But those bulky bags can cause a nuisance not only to other passengers, but flight attendants as well. “Some passengers are unaware of how many people they may be hitting with their backpacks as they board the aircraft. Please take off your backpacks and wear or carry them in front. There has been more than one flight attendant—and I’m certain passengers as well—who has been injured severely by these items. I, for one, had my head nearly taken off and had to actually go to physical therapy and a chiropractor for weeks.” — Monica Ehman, flight attendant for 18 years

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