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What is It? – July 2013

Sally Smaha of Terrace, B.C., writes, “This item was in a menswear store that my dad purchased back in 1959.

100th Bruce Stampede

In 2012 a century of stampede tradition was celebrated in Calgary; this year, the tiny hamlet of Bruce, Alta., takes...

Caption Corner – June/July 2013

Got a catchy caption for this photo? Joadey Jaxen of Vittoria, Ont., writes, “I snapped this photo on Thanksgiving weekend

What is It? – June/July 2013

Serena Reber of Woking, Alta., writes, “This item is leather with a metal buckle and rings. It measures 11 inches

Canada’s 9 Best Victoria Day Celebrations

See you later, spring! Summer unofficially arrives during Victoria Day weekend, so get ready for some fun in the sun...

13 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Canada

From secret underground labs to UFO landing pads, Canada can be a weird, wild and wonderful place. Here are 13...

Caption Corner – May 2013

Wilma Johannesma of Victoria shares this adorable shot saying, “My only granddaughter, Cassia, was born just after the family’s husky,

What is It? – May 2013

Christopher Giroux of Midland, Ont., writes, “I’m not sure what this is-it looks quite old and is made from a

10 Most Expensive Cities in Canada

Find out which city costs the most (and which ones came pretty close) with this top 10 list of Canada's...

What Is It? – April/May 2013

Beatrice Wilkinson of Cobble Hill. B.C. writes, “This item looks to be silver-plated and has a patent date stamped on

Layar Fun: Loons, Geese and the Arts

Have you tried the new layar technology in the April/May issue? With Layar, you can interact with the pages...

The 9 most interesting cities in Canada

Canadians from coast to coast have shared their submissions, and we're pleased to announce the winners of our

10 Canadian Restaurants Worth Splurging On

Reservations are recommended - and a topped-up savings account, too - for these top picks for gourmet dining from coast...

Canada’s 10 Strangest, Crudest and Rudest Town Names

Think your town's name is strange? Wait till you get a load of the top 10 strange, crude and rude...

Caption Corner – March 2013

Roy Parry of Calgary was driving along when he noticed this dog sitting next to a parking sign in Drumheller,

Canada’s 10 Coolest Ski Hills and Resorts

Hit the slopes, carve some powder and discover Canada's biggest and best ski hills and resorts.

13 Essential Travel Apps

Join the ranks of savvy travellers and load up your smart phone with these must-have travel apps.

What Is It? – Feb/March 2013

Dorothy Seibold of Stranraer, Sask., writes, “My husband, Lloyd, likes browsing for unique articles and found this great conversation piece.

Caption Corner – Feb/March 2013

Agnes Bylsma of Kingston writes, “One summer, my husband, John, and I, with our friends Gary and Audrey, went to

Canada’s 10 Coolest Winter Festivals

Summer's not the only time to celebrate. Pack your favourite toque and warmest parka for these 10 winter festivals that...

10 Places in Canada Every Canadian Needs To Visit

Want to find a new Canadian travel destination? Check out these 10 unique and beautiful places waiting to welcome you...

While Waiting for Santa

While waiting for Ol' Saint Nick to arrive, why not pick up Our Canada and relax a while!

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Booking Your Vacation Online

Finding an affordable online vacation package or a cheap flight is great, but not if it means sacrificing quality. Learn...

13 Things That Make You Public Enemy #1 on a Plane

Are you a toxic traveller in the eyes of your fellow flyers? Here are 13 top-flight offenders and how you...

13 Unexpected Things You Can Bring on a Plane in Canada

Packing a carry-on bag has never been so difficult - or stressful. Let the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)...

Top 10 Tips for Finding a Cheap Vacation Online

Click your way to savings and get the vacation of your dreams by learning the tips, tricks and websites that...

10 Ways Hotels Use Photos to Fake You Out

Take a look at how a little cropping and retouching can make hotels and resorts look better than reality.

10 Easy Ways To Ruin Your Vacation (and How To Avoid Them)

Don't let bad attitude or poor planning get in the way of your perfect getaway. Prevent potential problems by avoiding...

50 Amazing Free Things To Do in Canada With the Kids

Whether it's a weekend excursion or winter break, we've got 50 free family-friendly activities from across Canada.