The Winning Entries in the 2021-2022 Share Your Canada Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of our annual photo contest! Check out our photo gallery of the three winners and a few runners-up. Thank you to all who participated!

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share your canada - first place
Photo: Paula Brown

1st place ($500): Regal Pose

Paula Brown, Ottawa, Ont.

“I love cormorants and when we kayak at Petrie Island here in Ottawa, I am always on the lookout for that distinctive beak. I was so excited to spot this statuesque cormorant standing perfectly still against the backdrop of fall foliage—almost as though it was posing for me.”

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share your canada - second place
Photo: Gabor Dosa

2nd place ($300): Eerie Solitude

Gabor Dosa, Surrey, B.C.

“With forest fires burning out of control nearby, the area surrounding Lake Revelstoke became an austere and mystical place, thanks to the smoke-filled sky. And for the fisherman waiting to land his catch of the day, it made for a surreal landscape.”

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share your canada - third place
Photo: Nicola Windsor/Thep Hueangvilavong

3rd place ($200): The Wonder Above

Nicola Windsor, Port Coquitlam, B.C.

“This photo of my two grandsons, Simon (left) and William, was snapped by their dad, Thep Hueangvilavong, as the boys sat by the fence at Langley Airport watching the planes land and take off.”

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share your canada - runner 4
Photo: Kelsy Gibos

Runner-up: Keeping Love Alive

Kelsy Gibos, Hinton, Alta.

“I captured this shot of my dogs, Twigs (left) and Huck, as they took in the view across Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park,” shares Kelsy Gibos of Hinton, Alta. “The water was like glass and the fall colours were spectacular. My husband, Travis, and I come to this spot every year on our wedding anniversary and recite all the things we love about each other—it sounds cheesy, but it keeps the marriage alive!”

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share your canada - runner 5
Photo: Steven Rose

Runner-up: Hitching a Ride

Steven Rose, Scarborough, Ont.

Steven Rose of Scarborough writes: “I was photographing this tiny gray treefrog when a fly, clutching its prey, landed on the frog’s back. What a perfect place for the fly to eat its lunch without being eaten by the frog!”

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share your canada - runner 6
Photo: Sandy Shaften

Runner-up: Quiet Reflection

Sandy Shaften, Kingsville, Ont.

“While walking in the woods one day, I was able to capture this image of tall standing oak trees perfectly reflected in the water, as well as the leaves floating beneath the surface,” says Sandy Shaften of Kingsville, Ont.

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