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These Funny Photos Are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

From animals striking curious poses to riotous family reunions, these crazy captures will brighten your day. Enjoy!

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Funny pictures - Two horses making funny facesPhoto: Isabelle Marozzo

Bed Heads

In a previous Theme Pic Challenge, we asked you to share funny pictures that you’d snapped at just the right moment. Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ontario, rose to the challenge with this perfectly-timed shot, which appears to have captured these horses just as they were waking up. Check out that mane!

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Funny pictures - Squirrel in flower potPhoto: Heather McIlravey

Please, I Need a Push!

No need to install a backyard swing—this innovative squirrel will make do with what’s on hand! Thanks to Heather McIlravey for sending in this sweet pic.

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Funny pictures - Polar bear at the Toronto ZooPhoto: Karen Allin

Slip and Slide

This polar bear is loving winter at the Toronto Zoo! Karen Allin of Mississauga, Ontario, sent in this funny picture, writing, “Who needs a sled when you’re this big?”

You’ll find more of Karin’s captures in this gallery of gorgeous doors across Canada.

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Funny photos - owlPhoto: Jen St. Louis

Funny Face

Say cheese! This owl wasn’t quite ready for photographer Jen St. Louis of Elmira, Ontario.

Here, Jen reveals what it’s like photographing birds in the dead of winter.

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Funny pictures - ugly llama alpacaPhoto: Cheryl Power

Eyes Wide Open

We can’t stop laughing at this curious-looking creature snapped by Cheryl Power of Marystown, Newfoundland. Is it a llama or an alpaca? Either way, it’s got a face only a mother could love.

For more farmyard funnies, check out these hilarious cow jokes.

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Family reunion costume partyPhoto: Sharon Peters

Hillbilly Reunion

Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta, writes: “At our family reunion last summer we had a ‘redneck’ theme. We were all encouraged to come dressed in our interpretation of what redneck would look like. This picture of our daughter and her family, in costume, always makes me laugh!”

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Funny pictures - Squirrel on beach frontPhoto: Guylaine McGuire

I’m Talking Here!

Sometimes it’s hard to make your voice heard—particularly when you’re competing with the roar of a raging sea! Thanks to Guylaine McGuire of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, for sharing!

Here are 25 funny cat GIFs that are purr-fect for any occasion.

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Two deer on porch of homePhoto: Joyce Stolte

Petunias for Breakfast

Joyce Stolte of Edmonton wondered what on earth was happening to her poor petunias. Then, camera in hand, she caught the culprits red handed!

Find out what it’s like photographing deer in rutting season.

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Man running towards outhousePhoto: Helen Rempel

When Nature Calls

As this photograph by Helen Rempel of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, shows, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!

Take a look at Helen’s striking photography of Saskatchewan’s ghost towns.

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Child with dog in vehiclePhoto: Erla McCormick

Partners in Crime

According to photographer Erla McCormick of Sarnia, Ontario, Chewbacca and Harley hadn’t seen each other for three weeks before this was taken. It sure looks like the reunion was a happy one!

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