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20 Striking Photographs that Showcase Rustic Canada

Are you a little bit country? You'll love the results of our Theme Pic Challenge, which was to capture the essence of "Rustic" Canada. These 20 photographs in particular made us want to pack our bags and head back to the farm. Enjoy!

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Hitting the slopesPhoto: Kim Goslin

Hitting the slopes

Although it could easily double for the Alps, Kim Goslin’s atmospheric shot is set much closer to home. The talented shutterbug snapped the old log barn on the slopes of Francois Lake, British Columbia.

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Happy trailsPhoto: Vickie Emms

Happy trails

Vickie Emms really nailed the “Rustic” vibe in this moody photo. According to Vickie, it’s one of three old wagons in a pasture near Pincher Creek, Alberta. In that lovely sepia filter, it looks like it could very well have been taken 100 years ago!

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Worn and weatheredPhoto: Sean Donnelly

Worn and weathered

Photographer Sean Donnelly certainly has a “handle” on our rustic theme. You can almost feel the texture of the flaking paint and rusted metal on this worn and weathered door.

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Out of gasPhoto: Helen Rempel

Out of gas

You can’t help but wonder what the price of gas was when those vintage pumps were last used… Photographer Helen Rempel snapped this old-school storefront near Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

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How does your garden grow?Photo: Grace

How does your garden grow?

A study in contrast, this brilliant fuchsia lily postively pops against the backdrop of a timeworn wagon wheel. Thanks for sharing, Grace.

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All fall downPhoto: Doug Burlock

All fall down

Against the backdrop of Ontario’s Blue Mountains, this collapsed, grapevine-choked barn is a wistful tribute to bygone farm days. Thanks to first-time contributor Doug Burlock for sharing!

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Out to pasturePhoto: Janice

Out to pasture

When you think about it, this old tractor doesn’t have it so bad. There are certainly worse places to spend your retirement than these gently rolling fields. Thanks for sharing, Janice.

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Rustic ridePhoto: Mike Lane

Rustic ride

This old Ford’s road-faring days might be long since past, but it makes a fascinating subject for shutterbug Mike Lane. He snapped this pic at Heritage Acres in Central Saanich, British Columbia.

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Last outpostPhoto: Marc Beach

Last outpost

“I was out for a walk this afternoon and just happened to look at this fence post, and for some reason it jumped out at me,” writes photographer Marc Beach. “Not sure if it was because of the lighting from the setting sun or not, but I decided to snap a shot of it.” We’re so glad you did, Marc!

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Hauntingly beautifulPhoto: Kim MacDonald Cameron

Hauntingly beautiful

“Prairie life is wonderful, especially with sights such as these to capture,” writes photographer Kim MacDonald Cameron.

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Close encounterPhoto: Cathy Gauthier

Close encounter

Photographer Cathy Gauthier captured a young fawn nibbling grass around some old farm equipment.

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All the world's a stagePhoto: Cheryl

All the world’s a stage

This old fishing stage in Burin, Newfoundland, is stubbornly holding onto the remains of its last coat of red paint. Great shot, Cheryl.

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Under the rainbowPhoto: Helen

Under the rainbow

This church outside Winnipeg stands in striking silhouette against a turbulent sky. Great eye, Helen.

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Reflect on thisPhoto: Linda Sweeney

Reflect on this

“While photographing the beautiful sunset over the Miramichi River, I noticed the sunset reflecting in this old abandoned building,” writes contributor Linda Sweeney. Talk about perfect timing!

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Home on the rangePhoto: Bernie Johnson

Home on the range

Bernie Johnson found inspiration in this old tractor and barn in a farmer’s field near Grand Forks, British Columbia.

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Back in timePhoto: Amy Newport

Back in time

Although this looks like a vintage photograph, contributor Amy Newport assures us it’s very much a product of this century. “It was actually my friend’s daughter dressed in rustic clothes and I just happened to have a house full of antiques to set the scene!”

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On the farmPhoto: Cheryl Power

On the farm

This postcard-perfect image of country living was snapped by photographer Cheryl Power in Innisfil, Ontario, last summer. “I love the rustic look of the old barns,” she says. “I believe this beauty to be recently abandoned.”

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Sap tappersPhoto: Karen

Sap tappers

Every spring, these maple sap buckets come down from their pegs to collect their sweet harvest. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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Lucky charmsPhoto: Karen Carley-Schieman

Lucky charms

The rustic theme inspired Karen Carley-Schieman of Okotoks, Alberta, to send in this charming vignette.

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This old housePhoto: Anne Doerksen

This old house

With its shingle siding and elegant arched dormers, this was probably a handsome house at one point. Now, as captured by the talented Anne Doerksen, it sits abandoned in rural Carrot River, Saskatchewan.

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