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Your Best “In the Backyard” Photography

We challenged you to capture the action in your own backyard, and you delivered! From to feathered friends to beautiful blossoms, check out this gorgeous gallery of backyard photography.

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In the backyard photography - bird against pink and purple petuniasPhoto: Brian Jones

Birds & blooms

Check out this fantastic photo shared by London, Ontario’s Brian Jones. He framed this winged visitor—a fledgling robin—against a beautiful backdrop of pink and violet petunias. Love that depth-of-field, Brian!

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In the backyard photography - cardinal perched on spruce hedgePhoto: Brian Jones

Cardinals rule

What are you serving in your birdfeeder, Brian? Whatever it is, it’s certainly attracting some fantastic subjects for photography, including this handsome cardinal, who seems more than happy to strike a pose.

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In the backyard photography - croquet setPhoto: Maria Powell

Croquet all day

Calgary’s Maria Powell came up with a wonderful solution to quarantine-induced cabin fever: a spirited game of croquet in the backyard! When’s the last time you picked up a mallet? (We’re not even sure we remember the rules!)

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In the backyard photography - raindrop on a picnic tablePhoto: Dan Wever

Point of impact

Of course, not every summer day can be sunny, but that didn’t stop talented shutterbug Dan Wever of Grande Prairie from capturing a mesmerizing moment. “In my backyard one rainy day, I captured this image of a rain drop bouncing off my picnic table,” Dan writes. Perfect timing, Dan—thanks for sharing!

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In the backyard photography - sunsetPhoto: Linda Sweeney

Fire in the sky

The best show at Linda Sweeney’s isn’t on the tube—it’s the evening sunset! She captured this stunning twilight display from her backyard in Miramichi, New Brunswick.

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In the backyard photography - bee in delphiniumPhoto: Miriam Cerant

See you later, pollinator!

“A bee bum in my delphinium!” writes Miriam Cerant of Abbotsford, B.C., who snapped this sweet little bee enjoying her backyard garden. “He was kind enough to pose for a photo.” Only fair, considering you provided the lunch, Miriam!

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In the backyard photography - applesPhoto: Dan Wever

Happy harvesting

No, this isn’t the produce aisle at the supermarket—it’s the harvest from Dan Wever’s backyard! “We moved to another home recently, and to our surprise the 8-foot apple tree in our backyard produced over 200 pounds of apples!” Dan writes. Incredible!

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In the backyard photography - Canadian flowerbedPhoto: Paula Brown

Pitcher perfect

“This is part of my backyard Canadian oasis,” writes Paula Brown of Ottawa, who establishes her patriotic colour scheme in both the wind sock, and the red-and-white petunias in that adorable little pitcher-planter. What a fantastic container!

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In the backyard photography - bed frame container gardenPhoto: Beatrice Rauch

Creativity in bloom

Speaking of brilliant repurposed garden planters, check out this genius idea from Beatrice Rauch of Cobourg, Ontario. Her do-it-yourself tulip planter brings new meaning to flower “beds”!

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In the backyard photography - white blossomsPhoto: Sue Thompson

Beautiful blossoms

Sue Thompson of Chatham, Ontario, captured this dreamy shot of delicate white blossoms. You an almost smell their perfume through the screen.

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In the backyard photography - horsePhoto: Janae Van Rooyen

Hello, neighbour!

“I love having these beautiful creatures in my backyard,” writes Janae Van Rooyen of Edmonton. Any horse-lover’s dream come true!

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In the backyard photography - wild rosePhoto: Rebecca Bromberger

Wild rosebud

Fun fact: Alberta adopted the wild rose as its official flower exactly 90 years ago. Rebecca Bromberger snapped this particularly pretty specimen in its natural habitat.

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In the backyard photography - monarch butterfly on hydrangeaPhoto: Linda Sweeney

Winged wonder

Did you know that certain flowers tend to attract more butterflies to your backyard? This handsome monarch seems to be particularly fond of Linda Sweeney’s buttery-white hydrangea.

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In the backyard photography - on the hammock with a catPhoto: Ann Boddy

Backyard bliss

Summer time, and the livin’ is easy! Ann Boddy of Owen Sound, Ontario, knows that nothing spells relaxation like h-a-m-m-o-c-k!

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In the backyard photography - squirrel standing on hind legsPhoto: Paula Brown

Are you looking at me?

“This squirrel is sizing up one of my backyard garden lights!” writes Paula Brown, who captured this tense-looking showdown in her backyard. No word on who came out victorious!

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In the backyard photography - yellow planter boxPhoto: Linda Derkacz

Custom container

Linda Derkacz of Capreol, Ontario, built this raised garden box for her abundant purple petunias. “I thought the yellow and purple looked great together,” Linda writes. We wholeheartedly agree!

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In the backyard photography - sky and treesPhoto: Ashley Peterson

Things are looking up!

Ashley Peterson snapped this heavenly view while lying on her deck in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Not a cloud in sight!

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in the backyard photography - black bearPhoto: Richard Omanski

An unexpected guest

No need to visit a zoo for a close encounter with wildlife if you got a backyard like Richard Omanski! The Elliot Lake, Ontario, native assures us both photographer and subject maintained a safe social distance for the snap.

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In the backyard photography - baby bunnyPhoto: Pamela Buck


Those eyes! Those ears! Pamela Buck spied this unbearably cute baby bunny in her Parksville, B.C. backyard. Check out more adorable pictures of baby wild animals.

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In the backyard photography - oriolePhoto: Eileen Walz

Just passing through

“We’re lucky to have orioles visit our feeder for about two weeks every May,” writes Eileen Walz of Mississauga, Ontario. Their brief visit provides a burst of bright orange amidst the budding greenery.

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In the backyard photography - purple petunias stacked plantersPhoto: Elaine King

Study in purple

“The planter by our door contains wave petunias in various shades of purple,” writes Elaine King of Saskatoon. “A cheery spot to encourage all who see it.”

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In the backyard photography - Orange liliesPhoto: Edith Beerda

Team effort

It’s hard to choose the star performer in this stunning mix of lillies, forget-me-nots and dramatically variegated greenery. “I had just returned after an evening bike ride when I noticed their beauty in the light at that time of day,” writes Edith Beerda of Smithers, British Columbia. “Flowers really do bring happiness.”

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In the backyard photography - dragonflyPhoto: Debbie Wright

The upside of isolation

“With our family spending more time in the backyard due to social isolation we noticed a few dragonflies,” writes Debbie Wright of Niagara Falls, Ontario. “This blue dasher even posed for this pic.”

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In the backyard photography - robinsPhoto: Cheryl Power

Rockin’ robins

Cheryl Power of Innisfil, Ontario, snapped this incredible shot of what looks like a rather loud exchange between a pair of fledglings. “The robins were loving our yard this year; lots of worms to feed their young,” she writes.

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In the backyard photography - barn kittenPhoto: Debbie Wright

Purr-fectly adorable

Between those gorgeous blue eyes and the sweet brown “boots,” we’re absolutely smitten with this little kitten. Thanks to Debbie Wright for sharing!

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In the backyard photography - pondPhoto: Joyce Stolte

A place to ponder

Joyce Stolte of Edmonton doesn’t have to venture far to find a serene retreat—this gorgeous pond is in her own backyard. “It gives us peace and we can sit and relax during this COVID period,” she writes.

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In the backyard photography - baby groundhogsPhoto: Heather McIlravey

How many more weeks of winter?

Every day is Groundhog Day at Heather McIlravey’s! This playful pair have been living under her shed, and occasionally pop up to say hello.

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In the backyard photography - portly snipe fly macroPhoto: Russ Hayes

Under the microscope

Even if your backyard looks tranquil, there’s always something going on—if you look closely enough! Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke, Quebec, sees it all with the help of a macro lens, including this portly snipe fly taking a break on his cedars. What an incredible photo, Russ.

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In the backyard photography - little reading boy statuePhoto: Sean Donnelly

Still life

Whatever this little tyke is reading, it’s got him bored stiff! What a charming idea to perch this sweet garden statue on a weather-beaten chair. Thanks to Sean Donnelly of Sarnia, Ontario, for sending in this sun-soaked shot.

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In the backyard photography - tabletop fountainPhoto: Deb Sandau

The next best thing

When a global pandemic prevents you from travelling to Vegas, why not bring a bit of Vegas to your own backyard? “This is our version of the Bellagio fountain on our deck,” writes Deb Sandau of Red Deer, Alberta. We think you’ve hit the jackpot, Deb!

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In the backyard photography - wildflower gardenPhoto: Sue Thompson

Untamed beauty

Check out those eye-popping blue and purple petals! Sue Thompson’s wildflower garden in Chatham, Ontario, is a celebration of colour.

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In the backyard photography - snapping turtlePhoto: Cathy Gauthier

Nesting ground

“Our yard is a favourite place for snapping turtles to dig nests in and lay their eggs,” writes Cathy Gauthier of Magnetawan, Ontario. “This lady here is on her way back to the marsh that is beside our house. This darn pandemic didn’t stop them!”

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In the backyard photography - Baltimore oriole at feederPhoto: Jillian Manton

Jam session

Jillian Manton of Sarnia, Ontario, has a sweet treat in store for any Baltimore orioles making a stop at her backyard feeder: jam!

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In the backyard photography - garden angelPhoto: Robbie Gorr

Just heavenly

Robbie Gorr’s perennial flower bed in Petawawa, Ontario, grows under the watchful eye of a winged guardian.

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Busy backyard of garden plantings - in the backyard photographyPhoto: Alan Cheng

Location, location, location

With planter pots to situate and baskets to be hung, it looks as though work in Alan Cheng’s Scarborough, Ontario, garden is about to get underway. “Getting ready to plant more stuff in the backyard,” he writes.

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In the backyard photography - storm on the farmPhoto: Cass Cardy

Storm’s a-brewin’

Batten down the hatches! This dramatic front swept over Cass Cardy’s backyard in Basswood, Manitoba in July.

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In the backyard photography - boy chasing bubblesPhoto: Bruce Raby

Forever chasing bubbles

For wee ones, a backyard is an opportunity for endless adventures—particularly when one of the grown-ups brings out the bubble wand. Thanks to Bruce Raby of Perth, Ontario, for sharing this sweet image.

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In the backyard photography - spider webPhoto: Paula Eves

Silver strands

A silky spider’s web can be nearly invisible until it’s backlit, and here, Paula Eves has the help of the sun in picking out every single strand. This elaborate web spanned the rungs of her back porch in Sarnia, Ontario.

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In the backyard photography - fenced gardenPhoto: Tammy Clifford

Fenced in

We defy even the craftiest rabbit from getting into Tammy Clifford’s fortified vegetable garden! The gorgeous structure graces her backyard in Cottam, Ontario.

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In the backyard photography - Beauty BushPhoto: Maryalice Wood

Beauty bush

Maryalice Wood’s backyard in Langley, B.C., is home to this incredible flowering shrub. “Its Latin name is Kolkwitzia amabilis, but it’s more commonly called ‘beauty bush’,” she says. “It lives up to its name every year!”

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In the backyard photography - kids reflection pondPhoto: Tammy Green

Reflecting on summer

The unbroken surface of a pond provided Tammy Green of Harrington Harbour, Quebec, with the opportunity to capture a visit from the kids in a creative way. “They decided to clean the pond out, put clean water back in and turn it into a ‘swimming pool’,” she writes. “The imagination of a child… Priceless!”

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In the backyard photography - water on clotheslinePhoto: Russ Hayes

Precious gems

Raindrops on a backyard clothesline become glittering gems under the macro lens of Russ Hayes. Thanks for another gorgeous submission, Russ!

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In the backyard photography - feeding time hungry birdsPhoto: Donna Guenther

Welcome back!

Imagine being greeted at the door with the same enthusiasm this young sparrow has for its returning parent! An incredible moment caught on camera by Donna Guenther of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

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In the backyard photography - kids with maple leaf building blocksPhoto: Nichole White

Mission completed

Young Daphnée and Arthur’s Canada Day challenge: Create a maple leaf out of building blocks! Nichole White of Cornwall, Ontario, captured the end result. Congrats, kids!

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In the backyard photography - bee on lilacsPhoto: Cindy Herbert

All abuzz

It’s not just humans who find the fragrance of blooming lilac totally irresistible! Cindy Herbert snapped this appreciative bumblebee in her Welland, Ontario, backyard.

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In the backyard photography - dog with ballPhoto: Alexandra Fontaine

Having a ball

If this precious pooch looks like he’s having the time of his life in his Grandma’s backyard, it’s with good reason. “Winston lives in a condo so when he comes to visit, he enjoys spending time in the yard,” writes Alexandra Fontaine of Mission, B.C.

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In the backyard photography - lilies in flower bedPhoto: Diane Turner

Heirloom blooms

“These bulbs came from my parents garden 25 years ago,” writes Diane Turner of Regina. What a lovely way to keep happy memories alive!

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In the backyard photography - tent staycationPhoto: Vivian Gouliquer

Dream staycation

Vivian Gouliquer of Lake Country, British Columbia, has the perfect staycation plan during COVID-19: simply build a tent in the backyard, and enjoy. What a view!

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In the backyard photography - dog in poolPhoto: Norma Keith

Making a splash

Even fur babies can use a splash pad during a heat wave! This cute pic from Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ontario, gives new meaning to the “dog days of summer.”

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In the backyard photography - skunkPhoto: Paul Barber

Not to be sniffed at

“At this size, he’s cute,” writes Paul Barber of Brantford, Ontario, who came across this little critter in his backyard one day. Who’d guess something so sweet could potentially cause such a stink?

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In the backyard photography - garden mirrorPhoto: Rena Nixon

Mirror, mirror…

“After my father no longer wanted this mirror, he asked me if we could use it. We painted it and then we decided to hang the mirror on our fence to get the reflection of our backyard,” writes Rena Nixon of New Minas, Nova Scotia. “Sometimes one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure!” It’s a gorgeous bit of garden design that we can’t wait to add to our own backyard, Rena—thanks for sharing!

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In the backyard photography - leafy gazeboPhoto: Heidi Sanita

Fiery foliage

Creeping vines bursting with burnt red leaves have given this gazebo an enchanted quality. Thanks to Heidi Sanita of Pickering, Ontario, for sending in this gem.

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