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20 Spooky Photos That Perfectly Capture Halloween in Canada

Last October, we challenged you to capture the spirit of the season with your camera. From kids in creepy costumes to frightfully creative fall decor, these photos provide a fun-filled glimpse of what Halloween looks like across Canada.

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Pumpkins with warts on themPHOTO: CHERYL POWER

Warts and all

Nothing’s wrong with these pumpkins—the bumps and growths are all natural. Though it might make them slightly harder to carve, the texture does add an extra eeriness!

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Skeleton head on a gatePHOTO: LORRAINE MURRAY

Severed skeleton

Lorraine Murray snapped this shot of a skeleton head atop a gate—though we’re not sure whether this is a Halloween decoration, or just a year-round strategy to ward off visitors.

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An infant in a skeleton costume crying next to a pumpkinPHOTO: KIM MACDONALD CAMERON

Fear of pumpkins

Kim MacDonald Cameron’s great-nephew did not enjoy his first encounter with a pumpkin, but he does look adorable in his skeleton costume.

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Two kids in zombie costumes in a pile of leavesPHOTO: ANN LANE

The dancing dead

Ann Lane snapped this shot of two young zombies practicing their poses for “Thrill the World,” an event where people across the planet perform the Thriller dance in unison. 

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Girl in an Alice costume jumping in the airPHOTO: ANNETTE MCCARTHY

Down the rabbit hole

Annette McCarthy captured this costumed Alice right before she fell into Wonderland. (Hopefully she found her way back in time for trick-or-treating!)

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Dog in a bumblebee costumePHOTO: LYNN MABLEY

Bark or buzz

This costume once belonged to the photographer herself, but Lynn Mabley decided to try it on her dog instead, and it turned out to be a perfect fit. Hopefully no one got stung!

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A scary sunset that looks like a facePHOTO: DEAN MCMURRER

Somebody’s watching me

Dean McMurrer took this shot of what looks like a jack-o-lantern watching over Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Sometimes even the sky likes to dress up for Halloween!

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A girl in artful corpse makeupPHOTO: FRANK KOENIG

Masterful makeup

One of Frank Koenig’s neighbours came trick-or-treating in this expertly crafted costume, and he knew he had to take a picture.

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Scarecrow in red dressPHOTO: RENA NIXON

Devil in a red dress

Rena Nixon took this photo at the annual Scarecrow Festival in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia—where crows aren’t the only ones feeling afraid!

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Pumpkins with smiling painted facesPHOTO: MARIANNE DETMAR

Friendly faces

Marianne Detmar paints these welcoming grins onto her pumpkins every year. She knows they’re not exactly scary, but sometimes it’s nice to see a smiling face between all the tricks and treats.

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A cemetery seen through a spider webPHOTO: ROBB GORR

Charlotte’s web

A cemetery seen through the gaps in a spider web certainly makes for some unsettling Halloween imagery, as captured here by Robb Gorr.

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A creepy Halloween display with skeletons and candlesPHOTO: PAUL BARBER

Ghosts stirring

Paul Barber captured this creepy display on camera. It’s not clear who exactly is stirring that pot, but he’s certainly not someone you’d want to come across on a dark night. 

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Pumpkin with smiling, made-up facePHOTO: OLIVIA LANE

Glam gourd

Olivia Lane sent in this picture of her pumpkin dressed to the nines and ready for some fun. The pipe-cleaner ribbon is a very cute touch.

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Three scarecrows in dresses bathed in purple lightPHOTO: PAULA BROWN

Ladies of the night

This is just one of Paula Brown’s many stunning photos taken at Pumpkinferno, a pumpkin festival that takes place in Upper Canada Village every year. The purple lighting and flowing dresses add a wistful element to these shadowy figures.

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Dog in a teddy bear costumePHOTO: TAMMY GREEN

Furry friend

According to Tammy Green, her dog Tucker hates to get dressed up, but he loves having his picture taken. He certainly makes a perfect model in this cuddly teddy costume.

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Pumpkin with frost on topPHOTO: PATRICIA PARKER

Frosty the pumpkin

It wouldn’t be a true Canadian Halloween without a light dusting of snow, as captured here by Patricia Parker. But can a frosted pumpkin still hold a candle? 

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Sign that reads: "Dead and Breakfast"PHOTO: ROSA CROSS

Horrifying hospitality

Rosa Cross’ sister-in-law puts up this scary sign in her yard to get in the Halloween spirit. Word is that guests have been checking in to the Dead & Breakfast for 20 years—but no one’s ever checked out. 

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Small skeleton dolls in clothes on a shelfPHOTO: RUSS HAYES

Double date 

Russ Hayes spotted these skeletons on display in Sherbrooke, QC, and had to snap a picture of their festive outfits. Looks like they’re heading to a Halloween party for the ages.

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Face of a grim reaper wearing a hoodPHOTO: SUE THOMPSON

Grim reaper

Sue Thompson came across this charming character in Chatham, Ont. The angel of death looks like he could use a dentist appointment. 

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Pumpkin with Tinkerbell carved on the front and a candle insidePHOTO: DEB SANDAU

Fairy lights 

Deb Sandau’s son carved this beautiful Tinkerbell for her. Pure Halloween magic!

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