Editor’s Choice Award Winner

So many great photos were submitted to our Summer Fun Photo Contest it was difficult to choose a winner, but here is the Editor’s Choice Award winning photo by Manuel Spiller of Brampton! Congratulations!

Editor's Choice Award Winner“My wife, Myra, and I were working on a breeding project for loggerhead shrikes, an endangered bird species, on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario,” writes Manuel Spiller of Brampton. “The farmer hosting the project liked to feed two stray female cats who later both had kittens. We occasionally fed dead mice the birds didn’t eat to the kittens and this little guy, Myra’s favourite, did a beautiful job posing.”

Although most of the Our Canada editors are dog people, this photo really caught our attention. The intensity of the kitten’s gaze, the unadulterated animal instinct on display, the cropping and sharp colours and the fact that there was no other photo like it throughout our submissions, all worked together until we couldn’t take our eyes off this pouncer-in-training. A stark image? Yes. But absolutely captivating. Congratulations, Manuel!

We’d love to know what you think about our Editor’s Choice and also the “Best Of” selection published in the December/January issue of Our Canada. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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