Gorgeous Green-Hued Photos From Across Canada

From moss-covered forests to the colours of a hummingbird’s plumage, check out these green-themed photos captured by Our Canada shutterbugs.

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Monarch caterpillar
Photo: Isabelle Marozzo

Life cycle

“Here’s a monarch caterpillar, soon to become a monarch butterfly,” writes Isabelle Marozzo. “I have many milkweed plants in my flower garden, so I have plenty of food for monarchs!”

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Historical reenactment of the War of 1812
Photo: Karen Allin

Historial reenactment

Karen Allin paid a visit to the Bradley Museum in Mississauga, Ontario, and happened upon this impressive reenactment of the War of 1812. We’ve never seen those sharp forest green uniforms before!

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Lettuce garden
Photo: Paula Brown

Green thumb

“My daughter, Shelly, has the most magnificent vegetable garden,” writes photographer Paula Brown of Ottawa. “I love the lush green colour of the lettuce.”

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Bear Mountain in Mission, British Columbia
Photo: Alexandra Fontaine

Green giants

Alexandra Fontaine captured this stunning photo on a hike through the moss-covered trees on Bear Mountain in Mission, B.C.

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Light shining through leaves
Photo: Ann Lane

Through the leaves

Ann Lane of Cobourg, Ontario, zoomed in on our green photography challenge with this impressive macro shot.

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Photo: Norma Howes

You can’t see me!

Talk about mastering the art of camouflage! The hummingbird practically blends in with the green lilac bush in this pic by Norma Howes.

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Train heading towards Skagway, Alaska
Photo: Fred Allin

Winding route

While on vacation in Alaska, Fred Allin of Etobicoke, Ontario, snapped this photo on the approach to the city of Skagway. Even the locomotive manages to tie-in with our “green photography” theme!

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In the backyard photography - snapping turtle
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

Turtle crossing

Cathy Gauthier of Magnetawan, Ontario, didn’t have far to travel to snap this impressive wildlife pic. “Our yard is a favourite place for snapping turtles to dig nests in and lay their eggs,” she writes. “This lady here is on her way back to the marsh that is beside our house. This darn pandemic didn’t stop them!”

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Mount Kerkeslin in Jasper National Park
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Peak performance

From afar, the bands of green trees seem to mark the contours of Mount Kerkeslin in Jasper National Park. Truly a sight to behold!

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Colour green photography
Photo: Sean Laanstra

Postcard perfect

It seems like the most common colour for Muskoka chairs is red, but this green grouping looks just as inviting! Beach days are just around the corner…

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