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This is What Autumn in Canada Looks Like: 30+ Spectacular Fall Photos

Changing leaves, morning mists, soft evening light and vibrant splashes of colour—autumn in Canada is a dream season for shutterbugs and outdoors-folk alike. Check out these fantastic photographs from Our Canada contributors, which showcase the most magical time of the year.

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Autumn in Canada - sunlight in the forestPhoto: Karen Cook

Magical Moment

Autumn in Canada is prime season for shutterbugs like Karen Cook of Kingston, Nova Scotia. “This truly is one of my favourite landscape photos that I have ever taken,” Cook says. “The sunlight was streaming through the trees to touch the ground with warmth and light. I was entranced by the beauty of the scene.” Scroll on for more inspiring fall pictures.

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Autumn in Canada - Towering treePhoto: Douglas Bothwell

Soaring Skyward

“I love this photo of a towering tree on Vancouver Island in fall,” shares Douglas Bothwell of Bowmanville, Ontario.

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Autumn in Canada - yellow trees on lakePhoto: Carla Hunt

Inspiring Scenery

“I love this photo because it showcases the beautiful fall colours on Monte Lake in B.C.,” writes Carla Hunt of Vernon, B.C. “I was inspired by the colours of the leaves and how the forest seemed to frame them.”

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Autumn in Canada - red maple leafPhoto: Bronwen Heinrich

Iconic Pic

“For me, this photo of the symbolic maple leaf, hanging beautifully in the sun, captures the essence of Canada,” says Bronwen Heinrich of Vernon, B.C.

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Autumn in Canada - flowing streamPhoto: Richard Bywater

Go With the Flow

“Using a slower shutter speed added an otherworldly effect to this fall photo, taken near Dorset, Ontario,” writes Richard Bywater of Huntsville, Ontario.

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Chudleigh's Farm in Halton Hills, OntarioPhoto: Linda Prudhomme

Autumn Overcast

Rain or shine, the reds, greens, yellows and oranges of autumn in Canada still manage to pop. Photographer Linda Prudhome captured this moment at Chudleigh’s Farm in Halton Hills, Ontario.

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Beautiful autumn dayPhoto: Heidi Verrino

Good Day Sunshine

Photographer Heidi Verrino of Hornepayne, Ontario, uses light and shadow to stunning effect in this shot. Great job!

Here’s expert advice on mastering silhouette photography in the great outdoors.

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Mallard on the Severn RiverPhoto: Heather McIlravey

Free Bird

This free-spirited mallard was captured by Heather McIlravey on Severn River, Ontario. Thanks for sharing!

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Carman community pathwayPhoto: Tracy Vandermeulen

Walk in the Park

Photographer Tracy Vandermeulen found inspiration along the Carman Community Pathway in Manitoba.

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City skyline in autumnPhoto: Christy Turner

Magic Hour

No time better captures the splendour of autumn than the moments right before a sunset. Gorgeous shot, Christy Turner!

You can see more of Christy’s stunning snaps in this roundup of beautiful door photography across Canada.

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Autumn mum flowersPhoto: Rena Nixon

In Bloom

Photographer Rena Nixon of New Minas, Nova Scotia, writes: “The fall mums are so eye-catching. I planted these in my garden three years ago and look forward to seeing them bloom each fall.”

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Autumn in Canada - Mount Royal Park in fallPhoto: Falisha Karpati

Hidden Gem

“I’d been to nearby Mount Royal Park many times, but this day, a hidden, leaf-covered staircase caught my eye,” writes Falisha Karpati of Montreal. “I followed it up to this little house that stood out in contrast to the bright and colourful leaves around it. This tiny structure is a reminder to always be on the lookout for new sights, even when you’ve walked the same path already!”

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Autumn in Canada - fall foliage reflected in lakePhoto: David Lee

Seasonal Perfection

“Last year, we visited Elk Island National Park just east of Edmonton,” says David Lee of Chilliwack, B.C. “The beautiful gold, yellow and green colours were reflected in this beaver pond on one of our walks on the park trails. The day was perfect with blue skies, a warm sun and just a little fall chill in the air.”

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Autumn in Canada - rusty vintage truckPhoto: Lorain Ebbett-Rideout

Old Rusty

“This pastoral scene, with the contrast between rusty metal and rust-coloured leaves, seemed to pop with photographic potential,” writes Lorain Ebbett-Rideout of Carlow, New Brunswick. “Amid the autumn colours this retired farm truck, once the backbone of the operation, sits silent. With the light fading and an incoming weather front, I scrambled to choose the correct angle to capture this image—I was happy with the results.”

These vintage trucks never went out of style!

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Autumn in Canada - golden fall foliage on the Bow Valley ParkwayPhoto: Jackie Gartner

Delightful Day’s End

“Sometimes ‘regular days’ end up being the most special; that was this day,” says Jackie Gartner of Lloydminster, Alberta. “While visiting Banff National park, we were taking the Bow Valley Parkway back to our campsite when we pulled over to capture this scene—a perfect ending to a perfect day!”

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Autumn in Canada - fall leaves in Morningside ParkPhoto: Moby Inayet

Park With a View

“While driving through nearby Morningside Park I parked my car and took a walk to snap a few pictures of the splendid fall colours,” shares Moby Inayet of Scarborough. “Both the tree and the ground beneath it were on fire with the bright orange leaves.”

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Autumn in Canada - green orange and red maple leafPhoto: Sarah White

Beauty in Nature

“This photo is truly Canadian,” says Sarah White of Ottawa. “This red maple leaf pic was snapped on a footpath along the Ottawa River. Walking in a forest is one of the best ways to enjoy the amazing fall colours.”

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Red maple leavesPhoto: Deb Sandau

A Vision in Scarlet

Photographer Deb Sandau captured this dreamlike composition in Red Deer, Alberta.

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Farm fields near Saanichton, British ColumbiaPhoto: Mike Lane

Morning Fog

Foggy conditions can make for a gloomy day, but as Mike Lane illustrates in this shot on a farm near Saanichton, B.C., they can lead to striking autumn photos!

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Snowy peaks in Kaslo, British ColumbiaPhoto: Ann Andriashek

Twin Peaks

Photographer Ann Andriashek captured this stunning shot of autumn-framed snowy peaks in Kaslo, B.C.

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Bike trail in fallPhoto: Helen Rempel

Cycling Partners

Helen Rempel of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, writes: “Here’s a tricky self-image of my husband and me biking down a path with beautiful autumn trees lining the trail.”

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Centennial Park in QuebecPhoto: Maryse Tremblay

Mirror Image

All eyes, including those of photographer Maryse Tremblay, were on this gorgeous reflection in Centennial Park, Quebec.

This gallery of lookalikes photography will have you seeing double!

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Bull Elk crossing Bow RiverPhoto: Norman Dyrvik

River Crossing

Norman Dyrvik of Sherwood Park, Alberta, found inspiration for our “autumn in Canada” theme in this Bull elk he encountered in Bow River.

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Autumn leavesPhoto: Heather Vopni

Autumn Leaves

Heather Vopni of Coquitlam, B.C. writes: “Gorgeous autumn leaves adorn the urban landscapes of Coquitlam City parks in beautiful British Columbia. These beauties were captured along the Coquitlam River.”

Find out seven stunning spots to watch the leaves change across Canada.

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Mont TremblantPhoto: Kevin McKenna

Living Colour

This magnificent shot comes from Kevin McKenna of Georgetown, Ontario, who captured it atop Mont Tremblant in Quebec.

Did you know that Mont Tremblant also made our countdown of the best places to spend Christmas in Canada?

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Boy playing in pile of leavesPhoto: Joyce Stolte

Autumn Fun

Not everyone is a fan of autumn chores, but they can provide plenty of fodder for photographers, including Joyce Stolte of Edmonton, who shared this shot of her grandson having a blast in a pile of leaves.

Here’s more incredible photography of Canadian kids enjoying the great outdoors.

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Fall in SaskatchewanPhoto: Marnie Larsen

Some Frosty Morning

Autumn in Canada means shorter days—and the threat of early frost at night. Marnie Larsen of Battleford, Saskatchewan, captured these flowers after a light dusting of ice and snow.

Need more proof that ice and snow can be pretty? These shots showcase the stunning beauty of the Canadian winter.

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Squirrel at nature sanctuaryPhoto: Diana Gorski

Autumn Critters

Diana Gorski of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, writes: “Here’s a little squirrel enjoying a cool fall day at Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary. Located 33 km southwest of Edmonton, it’s one of my favourite places to spend time in.”

Check out this amazing wildlife photography from Rattray Marsh Conservation Area in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Alongquin Provincial ParkPhoto: Norma Keith

Fall Foliage

We’re so grateful photographer Norma Keith brought her camera along to Algonquin Provincial Park. This shot screams autumn in Canada!

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Autumn in Canada - red maple leafPhoto: Jane LeBlanc

Our Symbol

“The Red Maple is SO Canadian,” shares Jane LeBlanc of Bains Corner, New Brunswick. “It’s hard not to enjoy the show it puts on every fall.”

Find out why you need to take the Agawa Canyon Fall Colours Train Tour.

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Humber River in TorontoPhoto: Fred Allin

Gone Fishin’

Fred Allin writes: “Enjoying a walk by the Humber River in Toronto and taking in the fall colours.”

These beautiful orange-hued fall photos prove that autumn is the prettiest season.

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Moose at Toronto ZooPhoto: Karen Allin

Four-Legged Friend

Karen Allin of Mississauga, Ontario, found inspiration at one of her favourite places: the Toronto Zoo!

These heartwarming animal photos celebrate a mother’s love in the wild.

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Fall Pictures - Paula BrownPhoto: Paula Brown

Scenic Route

“I captured this shot at the nearby Mer Bleu Conservation Area,” shares Paula Brown of Ottawa. “It was in the early fall of 2020, and my husband, Dave, and I were amazed at how colourful the foliage was as other areas in Ottawa were just starting the fall colour process. Mer Bleu is quite the birding area in all seasons, so if you visit,
have your camera ready!”

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Fall Pictures - Nancy ObrienPhoto: Nancy O'Brien

Spectacular Sight

Nancy O’Brien of Mississauga shares this lovely image, writing: “Canada offers the most spectacular fall colours, particularly in northern Ontario. This picture was snapped in Magnetawan, Ont., at the public beach.”

Take a virtual walk in the woods with these stunning nature photos from across Canada.

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Fall Pictures - Matt FergusonPhoto: Matt Ferguson

The ‘Other’ Niagara Falls

Back in 2013, Matt Ferguson of Victoria snapped this gorgeous pic of the Niagara Falls waterfall in Goldstream Provincial Park located near Langford, B.C. What a spectacular sight!

Discover the charming quaintness of Ladner, B.C.

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Fall Pictures - Hasan MerdicPhoto: Hasan Merdic

Salmon Run!

Hasan Merdic of Hamilton writes: “The fall colours in Canada are amazing, as was watching the salmon run in Bronte Creek in Oakville.”

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Fall Pictures Greg CoatesPhoto: Greg Coates

Iconic Image

“Nothing says Canada more than the maple leaf,” says Greg Coates of Ajax, Ont. “And in the fall, well, the colours are simply iconic. No wonder people come from all over the world to see them!”

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Fall Pictures - George VanderbergPhoto: George Vanderberg

A New Beginning

“I took this photograph in October 2020,” says George Vanderberg of Lethbridge, Alta. “My intent was to show the slow but steady rebirth of the landscape after the devastating Kenow Wildfire that burned a good part of Waterton Lakes National Park in 2017.”

Here’s the fall forecast across Canada, according to AccuWeather.

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Fall Pictures - Brenda DohertyPhoto: Brenda Doherty

Cheeky Fellow

“I captured this shot of an eastern chipmunk in my backyard on a beautiful autumn day,” shares Brenda Doherty of Ariss, Ont. “He had been scurrying around but stopped just long enough to pose for me. I think he looks handsome sitting amid the gold and brown leaves.”

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