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The 50 Funniest Town Names Across Canada

From "Snafu" in the Yukon to Newfoundland's "Happy Adventure," these funny Canadian town names often have fascinating origins.

Visiting Ontario’s Waterloo Region: 10 Must-See Stops!

Known both for its urban technology hubs and rural wide-open spaces, Waterloo Region provides visitors with many unique opportunities to...

What You Should Know Before Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada can be a bit of culture shock. One recent immigrant shares helpful hints for newcomers.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Canadian

Canadians have a reputation for being polite and easygoing, but you'll want to avoid these faux pas.

The Most Haunted Places in Canada

From gothic hotels to gruesome battlefields, these spooky sites are the most haunted places in the country.

50 Reasons You’ve Got Winnipeg All Wrong

The capital of Manitoba is an overlooked gem that sparkles with a lively arts scene and destination eateries.

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10 Ontario Corn Mazes Worth Getting Lost In

Fall fun in Ontario should include a good corn maze. We’re all ears when it comes to finding ones that...

Beautiful Canadian Cemeteries Worth Visiting

From the historically significant to the slightly spooky, these cemeteries are the perfect place for a reflective autumn stroll.

How the Yellowhead Highway Helped Unite Western Canada

The fascinating origins of the 3,500-kilometre route that now spans four provinces and dozens of beautiful parks.

Common Newfoundland Sayings, Decoded

Newfoundlanders have developed their own unique dialect, including certain turns of phrase that first-time visitors will likely find a little...

Remembering the Bunkhouse

An unlikely real estate purchase became this immigrant family's stepping stone to a better life.

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Great Canadian Legends From the Rocky Mountains

Over the years, the soaring peaks of the Canadian Rockies have inspired tall tales—tales that tend to grow taller each...

This Trailblazing Ontario Woman Broke Down Gender Barriers in World War II

The inspiring story of Cobourg, Ontario's Fern Blodgett Sunde, who became the first female wireless operator to serve on a...

Confessions of a Door-to-Door Salesman

Developing a positive attitude selling vacuum cleaners in the '70s served this go-getter well later in life.

Chilcotin: Canada’s Last Frontier

Freedom Road (Highway 20) is a perfect snapshot of Wild West history.

How One Dutch Family Survived WWII to Start Anew in Canada

In the “Hunger Winter” of 1944-45, when an estimated 25,000 people starved to death in Holland, Mother exchanged her wedding...

A Two-Day Cruise Along Vancouver Island’s Wild West Coast

On board the MV Uchuck III, the abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery provide the entertainment.

A Week Out West

This Manitoba couple embarked on a celebratory vacation through Western Canada’s peaks and valleys.

Epic Experiences Along Alberta’s Icefields Parkway

The stunningly scenic Icefields Parkway in Alberta is one of the world’s most iconic road trips, serving up active adventures...

Putting London’s First Airport Back on the Map

A little-known airfield in Ontario aided the Allies in WWII.

The Breathtaking Sight You Can Only See Flying Over the Town of Hudson’s Hope, B.C.

At first, Joyce Sjogren’s husband joked he’d spotted a UFO site flying over northern B.C. The couple later discovered it...

The Legend of Ogopogo

…And more great Canadian lake monster stories to tell around the campfire.

It’s Official—This is the Rainiest Place in Canada

Got your umbrella handy? This remote Canadian destination holds the North American record for precipitation—seven metres of rain per year!

Incredible Bird Photography From Across Canada

Bird’s the word! We challenged Canadians from coast to coast to share their adventures in avian photography, and you...

An Essay I Wrote During the Great Depression is a Time Capsule of Small-Town Prairie Life

Despite the tough economic times, life was rich in the friendly Prairie village of Blumenort.

Western Splendour: A Photographic Tour of the Canadian West

Celebrating the natural beauty of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

This is Where You’ll Find Canada’s Largest Baseball Glove

The mammoth mitt was one of many special stops on a day trip shared by two women and their granddaughters.

Exploring the Wonders of the Yukon

Introducing a good buddy to the Yukon’s history and beauty made for a memorable week.

This Was the Worst Tornado in Canada’s History

The terrifying "Black Friday Tornado" swept through Edmonton on July 31, 1987, leaving 27 dead and 600 injured.

For the Love of Farming

From father to sons, this Alberta family's farming tradition continues.