What Do You Do When Your Computer Gets Sick?

How to remove a virus with a FixMeStick.

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Do you have a computer virus? It’s hard to tell. Your computer may slow down to a crawl. You might get annoying pop-ups. Maybe your antivirus software sends a warning. But you could be infected and not even know. Viruses can sit dormant without any signs of infection, then you run the contaminated program and all hell breaks loose.

There’s also the threat of spyware, malicious programs that creep around your antivirus stealthily collecting your private information — banking details, credit card numbers, login credentials — and you have no idea. Or ransomware that can take over your computer, encrypt your files and demand a ransom for their return.

Most of us have antivirus protection, but viruses often sneak past antivirus programs because:

1. New viruses are released everyday

Over 350,000 new malicious programs are released on the internet daily. No single antivirus company can detect them all, especially when today’s viruses are designed to be hidden and stealthy.

2. You don’t have to do anything wrong to get infected

It could be an unpatched vulnerability in your operating system. Or you accidentally click something malicious without knowing. Websites at the top of your Google search results aren’t guaranteed to be trustworthy. Simply loading a web page infected with malvertising can give you a virus.

3. Targeted attacks can bypass antivirus blacklisting

Antivirus software uses blacklisting to identify and block known dangerous entities, such as IP addresses, programs, domain names, emails or user IDs. That simply means antivirus software lets them in unless they’re on the naughty list. It takes time to spot the new daily threats, so the list is never completely current.

What do you do when your computer starts acting strange? You’ve tried the free tools online. Your tech-savvy friends tried to help. Hauling your computer to the shop can cost potentially hundreds of dollars and days without your computer.

How about using the tool the experts use? Stick it to viruses with the FixMeStick®, the world’s best-selling virus removal device. It’s the smart, simple and safe way to clean a computer yourself.

A plug-in USB device that scans your computer before the operating system boots, the FixMeStick removes the viruses that conventional antivirus software often can’t detect.

The FixMeStick finds malware on more than 80% of the computers it scans, even though 99% of them run antivirus software. It’s built on 3 leading antivirus programs — McAfee, Avira and Sophos — and accesses additional scanners online for the broadest, fastest response to the latest threats.

The FixMeStick updates automatically and is backed by amazing Canadian-based customer support and a virus removal guarantee. Simply plug it in to deep clean your computer and unplug it when you’re done.

  • Easy to use.
  • No software to install or slow down to your computer.
  • Unlimited use on up to 3 computers.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.

FixMeStickPhoto: Shutterstock

The proudly Canadian FixMeStick has over 1 million customers and is rated 4 out of 5 stars on Google and Amazon.ca.

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