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Halloween: Disguise a Pumpkin Project

Get some pumpkin decorating ideas from Montreal’s Great Pumpkin Ball, participate in your own disguise a pumpkin project. 

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Disguise a Pumpkin Project

Disguise a Pumpkin Project

If you’re looking for a fun and safe Halloween activity to bring you and your family together why not spare your pumpkin the gutting and deck it out in the most imaginative disguises you can think of? Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Great Pumpkin Ball’s best costumed pumpkins and some little known facts you may not have known about Halloween and pumpkins…

Mr. Peanut

Did you know: Halloween can be traced back to Celtic culture in Ireland. According to the Druid religion, November 1st was New Years’ on their calendar. The celebration would begin on October 31st, and last into the following day. The spirits of all who died in the year prior would rise up and roam the earth on this night.

Pumpkin Granny

Did you know: Pumpkins are 90 percent water.

Courtney Love?

Did you know: Halloween was commonly referred to as “All Hollows” Eve. It originated from the pagan holiday honoring the dead.

Jack Pumpkin

Did you know: The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,725 pounds? It was entered by into the Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off on Saturday, October 3, 2009 by Christy Harp.

Why so Serious?

Did you know: The largest pumpkin pie ever made was over five feet in diameter and weighed over 350 pounds? It used 80 pounds of cooked pumpkin, 36 pounds of sugar, 12 dozen eggs and took six hours to bake.

Lilo & Stitch

Did you know: It is believed that the Irish began the tradition of Trick or Treating? In preparation for “All Hallow’s” Eve, Irish townsfolk would visit neighbors and ask for contributions of food for a feast in the town.

Pumpkin School

Did you know: Halloween is second only to Christmas in spending?

Spider Man

Did you know: Around 90 to 95% of the processed pumpkins in the United States are grown in Illinois?

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Disguise a Pumpkin Project: Please Don't Carve Me

Disguise a Pumpkin Project: Please Don’t Carve Me

Here’s some great ideas for your very own disguise a pumpkin project. 

Did you know: Pumpkins were once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites.

Mickey Mouse

Did you know: Pumpkins contain potassium and Vitamin A?


(On his 1,675,325th birthday.)

Did you know: In early colonial times, pumpkins were used as an ingredient for the crust of pies, not the filling?

Fast-Food Squash Frenzy

Did you know: Native Americans called pumpkins “isqoutm squash”?

Mr. McIntosh

Did you know: Pumpkins are members of the vine crops family called cucurbits?

Pumpkins on Ice

(A tribute to the city’s beloved hockey team the Montreal Canadiens. Go Habs! Go!)

Did you know: Pumpkins are fruit?

Eau de Pumpkin

Did you know: Native Americans used pumpkin seeds for food and medicine?

Pumpkin Art

Did you know:
The colours orange and black are believed to have become Halloween colours because orange is associated with harvests (Halloween marks the end of harvest) and black is associated with death?

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Disguise a Pumpkin Project: Pretty in Pumpkin

Disguise a Pumpkin Project: Pretty in Pumpkin

Here’s some more ideas for your disguise a pumpkin project. 

Did you know: A pumpkin is really a squash, and comes from the same family as the cucumber?

Pumpkin Hatch

(This pumpkin was decorated entirely with eggshells)

Did you know: The record for the fastest pumpkin carver in the world is Jerry Ayers of Baltimore, Ohio? He carved a pumpkin in just 37 seconds!

Witchy Pumpkin

Did you know: About 99% of pumpkins sold are used as Jack O’ Lanterns at Halloween?

The Simpkins

Did you know: In Mexico, they celebrate El Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead starting the evening of October 31?

Man on the Moon

Did you know: The correct spelling of ‘Halloween’ is Hallowe’en?

Sombrero Farmer

Did you know: The world record for pumpkin chucking, using an air canon to propel a pumpkin, stands at 4091 feet?

Mama Bird and her chicks

Did you know: Eighty percent of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in October?

Fishy Pumpkin

Did you know: Pumpkin flowers are edible?

Green Roof Pumpkin

Did you know: Pumpkins originated in Central America?

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