12 Hilarious Photos of Pets Acting Like People

Pets are people, too... And these pictures prove it.

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yoga dog
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Pets are people, too

There’s a reason we tend to anthropomorphize (assign human attributes to animals) our beloved pets. And that reason is that we tend to anthropomorphize the things we love. The thing is, these pets seem to really, actually think they are real people. Just check out this pooch joining her human in a downward dog pose. (Or is that the other way around?)

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dog on couch
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“Can you pass me the remote?”

This comfy-looking bulldog isn’t budging! Check out more ugly dogs that are still so darn cute!

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cat driving
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“Where did you learn to drive?!?”

We can just hear this cat’s passenger: “Enough with the road rage, honey. You know what the doctor says about your blood pressure.” Here are the 20 smartest dog breeds, ranked.

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walik/Getty Images

Writer’s block

Writing a novel is tough. It’s even tougher when you don’t have opposable thumbs. So can you imagine what this handsome guy’s going through trying to do it on this manual typewriter? Looking for your own furry friend? Find out the best dogs for apartments.

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cat reading
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If looks could kill…

“Did you or did you not see the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign?” Fluffy also seems skeptical at how you’ll make out with this cat trivia quiz.

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Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Why Dax-the-Dachsund has a new look

Who cares if my tummy is so big and low it’s almost hitting the ground? Actually, I do and I’m hoping this big gold chain and bandana will distract from it. These hilarious dog memes are sure to make you smile.

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cat playing piano
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It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday

And the piano, it sounds like a carnival. And the microphone smells like a beer. And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar and say, Man, what are you doin’ here? La la la, di da da … ” Find out which cat breeds are the most affectionate.

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dog and boy playing cards
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Check out that poker face!

Buster the Beagle has truly mastered his poker face. But it’s not going to help him much since we happen to know his buddy, Sam, is holding a royal flush in his hands. Don’t miss this gallery of the cutest dog breeds as puppies.

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cat reading book
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Is it just me, or is the print in this magazine getting smaller?

Sweet Potato never had a problem with his eyes before. Unfortunately, ever since he turned six, it’s like the print is getting blurrier. Either that or his arms are getting shorter. Check out the cutest cat breeds as kittens.

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cool cat
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His future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades

When Snowball wants to look cool, he wears these sunnies. These photos of funny farm animals are sure to make you grin.

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dog drinking beer
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What’ll it be?

But do you really have to ask Fritz the Boston Terrier? Naturally, when he walks into a bar, he expects a beer on tap. Seriously though, never give your pooch booze or any of these pet food ingredients that could be hazardous their health.

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cat in car
GabrielPevide/Getty Images

Are we there yet?”

Mr. Fluffypants! Sit back right now, or Mommy’s going to have to pull over.” This cat looks as high-maintenance as any little one on a long car ride.

Here’s what you need to know before bringing your dog on a road trip.

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dog on laptop
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Working like a dog

Mama told me I was born a “working dog,” but I thought that meant I was going to be herding flocks of sheep, not spending my days languishing in an office! Don’t miss these hilarious dog cartoons.

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