The Most Hilarious Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Don't miss this side-splitting gallery of dogs playing dress-up.

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Halloween Costume For Dogs - Superman

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Super-Dog!

Your dog can save the world as Barker, Clark Kent’s alter-ego. If you have more than one dog, turn your pet squad into the Justice League with Batman and Wonder Woman costumes as well!

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dogs in halloween costumes - punk
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Punky pup

All you need is a neon mohawk wig and spiky collar to bring out your dog’s tough side. Buy it now.

Discover 10 fascinating Halloween customs from around the world.

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dogs in halloween costumes - Bad Dog
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Bad dog

This criminal canine costume makes it good to be bad! Buy it now.

Here’s the real reason your dog freaks out during a thunderstorm.

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Dogs In Halloween Costumes Rocker Copy
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Rocker dog

Your pooch will make people do a double take (and then probably laugh) with this awesome costume. Buy it now.

Here’s how to turn laundry baskets into spooky Halloween decorations.

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dogs in halloween costumes - The Dogtor is In
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The dogtor is in

Feeling sick as a dog? Have no fear, the dogtor will see you now. Buy it now.

Learn more about the 15 best dogs for seniors.

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dogs in halloween costumes - Dog dressed up as paparazzi

Watch out for the paw-parazzi

No photos, please! Your dog will be the star of the show with this getup. Buy it now.

Everyone will love these corny Halloween jokes.

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Dogs in Halloween Costumes Star Wars
Photo: Amazon

May the Furce be with you

Let your furry friend rule the galaxy this Halloween with this Star Wars-inspired costume from Amazon. Buy it now.

Can you guess the dog breed based on its puppy picture?

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Devil Dog
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Devil dog

This costume can be a nod to the popular Hostess snack, or a comment on your dog’s behaviour. Whichever you choose. Buy it now.

Here’s what you should be for Halloween based on your zodiac sign.

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Dog dressed up as Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call?

Costume goals: dress up as the Ghostbusters with your friends, and then complete the effect by dressing your pooch as their stickiest antagonist, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Buy it now.

You’ll adore these ugly dogs that are still so darn cute!

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Dogs In Halloween Costumes Elvis
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Nothin’ but a hound dog

You ain’t never trick-or-treated and you ain’t no friend of mine. Buy it now.

Here are 20 pumpkin carving ideas to inspire you this Halloween.

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Dogs In Halloween Costumes Chef
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Bone appétit

You’ll want to “Kiss the Cook” with this adorable chef’s outfit. Buy it now.

These hilarious dogs memes are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Dog dressed up as Scooby Doo


Your dog will be instantly recognizable if you dress him or her as one of the most iconic canines in all of pup culture. This is another great opportunity for a group costume; get together with your friends and dress as Shaggy, Velma and the Scooby-Doo gang. Buy it now.

This is the real reason Halloween colours are black and orange!

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King of the jungle

Make your dog the “mane” event with this fun lion costume. Buy it now.

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