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Can You Guess This Dog’s Breed Based on One Picture?

Can you identify a dog breed just by its face, tail or markings? Take this fun quiz and find out. We’ve even thrown in some crossbreeds and a mystery dog just to challenge you!

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Miniature SchnauzerPhoto: Csanad Kiss/Shutterstock

Ready for Movember!

This breed is always sporting a salt and pepper bristly beard accentuated by highly distinguished arched eyebrows. Although the salt and pepper coat is most recognizable, you may see this breed with a solid black coat. Here’s another clue it closely resembles its larger, standard size cousin.

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Miniature SchnauzerPhoto: Olga Kuzyk/Shutterstock


Miniature Schnauzer

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PugglePhoto: Rositsa Vitanova/Shutterstock

The life of the party

What’s not to love about this super cute little nugget? It loves kids and strangers and has no problem socializing with other dogs. One side of the crossbreed is a family lineage with a penchant for wanderlust, while the other side of the family is known for snorting. But perhaps the most telling clue, according to Embark, a company that provides canine breed identification via DNA testing, is the floppy ears and short snout.

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PugglePhoto: Mary Swift/Shutterstock


Puggle. A puggle is a mix of a pug and a beagle.

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Old English SheepdogPhoto: Tracey Patterson/Shutterstock

The Shaggy D.A.

Depending on your vintage, you may guess this one because you fondly remember Wilby, the canine with a law degree who starred in this Disney movie. Or you may just recognize this sweet and puffy gentle giant with a large rump and bear-like gait and still wonder how it can see anything with all that fur hiding its eyes.

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Old English SheepdogPhoto: Tracey Patterson/Shutterstock


Old English Sheepdog.

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Mini golden doodlePhoto: Louis.Roth/Shutterstock

Teddy bear face

If there was a metre for the “oohs” and “aahs” this adorable and gregarious dog generates, it would be off the charts. The curly fur face and teddy bear eyes instantly remind you of a stuffed teddy bear. It’s so adorable and lovable, you’ll want to cuddle it like one, too.

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Mini golden doodlePhoto: Louis.Roth/Shutterstock


Mini golden doodle.

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Pembroke Welsh CorgiPhoto: BlackJackPhoto/Shutterstock

Wagless cutie

Can you guess this royal favourite with a foxy face? Other telltale hallmarks of this sweet and inquisitive breed are its short legs and long body. In fact, the docked tail may help you decipher which specific breed this is; its “cousin” looks very similar but doesn’t have a docked tail and has been around longer.

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Pembroke Welsh CorgiPhoto: BlackJackPhoto/Shutterstock


Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

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Cocker SpanielPhoto: Kristina Shevchenko/Shutterstock

A bird dog at heart

Here’s your first clue. It played a pampered pooch in an animated Disney movie who finds love (and a taste for spaghetti) on the other side of the tracks, but in real life, this dog would be happy in a field retrieving pheasants. For your second clue, Embark says this sweetheart with an expressive face is typically identifiable by its long, floppy, and fuzzy ears.

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Cocker spanielPhoto: Nikolai Tsvetkov/Shutterstock


Cocker spaniel

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Siberian HuskyPhoto: Andrii Spy_k/Shutterstock

Howling communicator

This breed who prefers the snow over the sand often communicates by howling. Some owners have even trained their dogs to say, “I love you.” Its hallmark characteristics are the striking blue, almond-shaped eyes and strong, muscular body that was bred for pulling sleds across frozen tundras.

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Siberian HuskyPhoto: Pukhov K/Shutterstock


Siberian husky

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Pomsky dogPhoto: Jonathan Byrne/Shutterstock

Fluffy miniature wolf

Hmm, do you notice a similarity between this super cute dog with a face that looks like a fluffy wolf pup and the Siberian husky? Well, then you probably guessed one part of the crossbreed right. The Siberian husky is usually the mother in this designer breed, so what breed is the father? Like the mom, he has a “chilly” origin of Nordic descent. He’s short, compact, very pouffy, and only weighs around seven pounds.

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Pomsky dog breedPhoto: Jonathan Byrne/Shutterstock


Pomsky. This designer breed has a Siberian husky for a mom and a Pomeranian for a dad.

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Yorkshire TerrierPhoto: Oleg Nesterov/Shutterstock

Diva of the dog park

According to Embark, this posh pup is known for its long, silky coat. Another clue is its coat actually has a natural part that begins at the base of the head and runs to the end of the tail, hanging evenly on each side. This is breed standard for the AKC but some pet parents prefer a shortcut.

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Yorkshire TerrierPhoto: Yevgen Romanenko/Shutterstock


Yorkshire terrier.

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English BulldogPhoto: ltummy/Shutterstock

Sturdy and stocky

If the short body and wrinkly and pushed-in face, doesn’t give it away then surely, the low-slung, muscular bowlegged gait and stubborn personality will. This breed is also known as a “brachy,” meaning it has a flat, wide skull and a short nose that makes it more prone to heat stroke.

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English BulldogPhoto: ltummy/Shutterstock


English bulldog.

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Irish setterPhoto: Angela Rohde/Shutterstock

Rowdy redheads

This one is a head turner for sure with its fine glossy red coat that flows longer from the ears, chest, back of legs, and tail. Need another hint? Its elegant, long chiseled face is perfectly suited for the aristocratic bird dog that it is. Still, not quite sure? Part of its name comes from the same country that brews Guinness beer.

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Irish SetterPhoto: Anna Goroshnikova/Shutterstock


Irish setter.

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BloodhoundPhoto: Lena Sanver/Shutterstock

Witness for the prosecution

Don’t let the long wrinkled face, droopy ears, and unfair reputation for being lazy fool you. This breed prefers to chase down evidence (and people) with its strong sense of smell instead of lying around on the front porch. In fact, the AKC says this canine sleuth’s man-trailing is accepted as evidence and testimony in almost any court of law.

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BloodhoundPhoto: Evdoha_spb/Shutterstock



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