Adopting Animal Companions in Need

Not enough people adopt pets from pounds and rescue shelters. Here we dispel some of the myths around shelter animals.

Hundreds of thousands of friendly dogs, cats and other animal companions are killed in animal shelters and pounds across Canada every year. Other homeless animals starve, succumb to the harsh elements and are killed on our roads.

Why are so many friendly, loving animals homeless? Simply put, because the supply of adoptable dogs and cats far exceeds the demand of responsible people looking to provide the animals with loving homes. This preventable tragedy can be vastly improved if more people began their search for a four-legged family member at their local animal shelter, pound or other rescue facility.

Contrary to some myths associated with shelter animals, these animals are not in pounds and shelters because they have behavioural problems. Most of these animals are where they are due to their previous guardians’ ignorance or indifference. Dogs and cats who have serious behaviour problems aren’t put up for adoption.

Another myth associated with shelter animals is that they are older and not trainable. Puppies, kittens along with young dogs and cats accompany mature canines and felines waiting for homes. The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is false. Older dogs can, and are often eager to, be trained. Mature dogs and cats are usually well behaved and often come with some training.

Shelter animals are also not inferior to purebred animals. Purebred dogs and cats are not smarter, healthier or more even tempered than canines and felines of mixed breeding. If you want to adopt a purebred animal, they are commonly available for adoption in pounds, shelters and through purebred rescue organizations.

To help ensure a successful adoption, see our article on 5 Tips for Choosing a New Pet.

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