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4 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Barking—Even When You’re Not Home

Afraid to leave your four-legged friend on his own for fear of the incessant barking? Here are four easy ways to stop barking—even when you’re not at home.

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Are You Tired of Your Dog’s Barking?

If your dog is always barking, you’re not going to be very popular with the people next door. You could even be taken to court if you don’t do anything to stop the problem. Here are some ways to tackle this common (mis!)behaviour.

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Get Your Dog to Stop Barking by Engaging in “Alone Training”

Your dog may not like you going out, but he or she needs to get used to the idea. Leave your pet alone in another room – at first for a few minutes, building up to longer periods – at different times of the day. Don’t return until your dog has been quiet for a while, then go in and offer praise and a treat as a reward.

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Get Your Dog to Stop Barking by Providing them with Company

If you have to leave a dog alone for a long time, arrange for a neighbour to pop in and perhaps take him for a walk. Even the sound of a human voice can be reassuring to an animal, so leave the radio on at low volume, tuned into a talk channel.

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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking: Change Rooms

Some dogs bark because they can see what’s happening out in the street. Keep your pet somewhere with a garden view instead.

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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking: Try an Anti-Barking Collar

You can now buy these ingenious collars that work by releasing a spray of citronella oil or a slight buzz when the dog barks, which surprises but causes no pain or harm.