Digital Insurance 101: Make an Online Connection with Your Insurance Company

In honour of Financial Literacy Month, take control of your insurance. It’s easier than you think!

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Decades ago, the world moved from bank tellers to e-banking. That same self-service shift is now happening in insurance. You can be your own pro, and buy and directly manage your premium digitally.

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1. You represent yourself

You have the best knowledge of your personal needs, meaning you’ll be able to make the best decision for yourself when choosing an insurance provider. Most Canadian consumers feel they don’t need specific advice on coverages when choosing an insurance company and they want the freedom to do it themselves. In other more complicated cases, brokers offer specialized expertise.

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2. It’s powered by automated data

Insurance providers like Onlia have supercharged the underwriting process, using sophisticated systems to bring simplicity to buyers. There’s no need to research flood plains or tornado zones—Onlia pulls hard data from reliable sources and passes that expert insight on to you.

3. The jargon is gone.

From online forms to the policy itself, Onlia ensures everything is easy to understand—no interpretation necessary. It’s all easy to navigate so you’re able to adjust and build a policy that works for you. There’s also onsite access to resources to support your decision-making.

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4. You’re in control

You want to add a driver to your car? Done. You just installed a hot tub at home? Easy! Online insurance is self-managed, right down to the payments, whenever it’s convenient for you—no phone calls or paperwork required.

5. Customer support is still the priority

In addition to a 24-7 bot, Onlia’s helpful team is available during business hours via social media, direct message and, of course, on the phone.

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