Water Filters

My tap water tastes terrible. Will a commercial water filter do me any good?

Yes, but you need to choose the right one for the composition of your water and what you want to accomplish. Basically, municipal water in Canada is quite safe to drink. The problem is that your water can contain things that do not affect safety but affect taste, like chlorine-which is often used to rid water of harmful bacteria but tastes terrible-or sulfur. There can also be elements present that make it difficult to wash clothes or keep the sink clean, like calcium or iron. Some water purification systems, like reverse osmosis, can do a great job under certain circumstances, but would get all clogged up if you have a lot of iron in your water. Even distilled water is not pure H2O because chlorine tends to evaporate with the boiling process and carry right over into the condensed steam, requiring filtering through activated charcoal to clean up the taste. Filters are available for the end of faucet spigots or the showerhead, or you can buy a larger countertop purification unit. However, the most effective water purification will be with larger units installed right on the water lines because they can handle more water for a longer time. Have your water tested to know what is in it and then get a professional who sells more than one model to help you to choose.

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