Quick Holiday Centerpiece

For a super-fast centerpiece, try making this gorgeous one created just for us by New York City prop stylist Jo Waller. Use a low bowl for your dining table and a footed bowl for a buffet. You’ll find Fun-Tak, ribbon, and dried pepper berry sprigs at the crafts store, and eucalyptus branches and baby’s breath at the florist.

Quick Holiday Centerpiece

What you will need:
Large bowl
Gold Christmas balls
Burgundy 3-inch, wire-edged ribbon
Small silver dollar eucalyptus branches
Dried pepper berry sprigs
Baby’s breath

In a large bowl, pile the Christmas balls, sticking them in place with small pieces of Fun-Tak, a gummy reusable adhesive. Next, wind the ribbon loosely through the balls. Cut the ends diagonally, and let it dangle over the edge of the bowl.

Attach pieces of Fun-Tak to the ends of the eucalyptus branches and wedge them in between the balls. Use the same technique to add sprigs of pepper berries and baby’s breath to fill in any holes. Remember to allow some of the elements to hang over the edge of the bowl to soften the arrangement.

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