Ceiling Fan-2

I have tried unsuccessfully to install a ceiling fan in my living room. What is the proper method for installing one?

Installing a ceiling fan sometimes seems more difficult than it actually is. The first thing to do is attach the paddle blades to the fan. People often assemble them after they have attached the wires to the light fixture and discover the resulting process a difficult one. Turn off the circuit breaker or fuse for the light fixture and then remove the light from the bracket. Usually a large hook comes with the ceiling fan. It attaches to the bracket and allows the ceiling fan to hang while you attach the wiring. Without the hook you would have to hold the fairly heavy ceiling fan with one hand and attach the wires with the other hand. There should be three wires exiting from the fixture: white, red, and black. There should be four wires exiting from the top of the fan; white, green, black, and blue. Both white wires are neutral and should be connected. The fan's grounding wire is green and should be attached to the red wire from the fixture. The fan's black and blue wires are the fan and light wires respectfully. Both should be attached to the black wire from the fixture. Once all the wires are attached, the fan can be screwed into the bracket of the ceiling fixture.

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