What’s Your Shower Personality?

How we shower can say a lot about us. Can you find your shower personality in the list below? We do it naked and privately.  For some people, it’s over in five minutes, and others can take 20 minutes or more.  And how we do it reveals a lot about us.  Yes, it’s taking a shower.

“Everything we do is a reflection of our personality, and the shower in particular is a very private place, where we’re free to be ourselves,” says Steven Schachter, a Montreal psychologist.  So what do your showering habits say about you?

The Go-Getter

Typical showers last 6-10 minutes, and you’re on the low end.  Lather, shampoo, rinse, mission accomplished. You can check another task off your list.  You’re always seeking solutions in whatever you tackle, whether a problem at work, or how to get clean in the quickest way possible. 

In the shower, “you know what you’re going to do, and it’s about speed and efficiency,” says Jack Suvak, Director of Market Insights for Moen, the faucet manufacturer. 

That’s you, goal-oriented through the day.  You may also be a bit of a “type A” personality, notes Schachter, high-strung and not taking the time to relax.  For you, it’s about the destination, not the journey.

The Closet Exhibitionist

The shower is a place to lose your inhibitions and let out your inner rock star. 

“In some people’s minds, they’re on stage at American Idol,” Suvak says. 

You pretend the shampoo bottle is a mike, and the sound of splashing water is applause.  You dream of performing, but would only dare do it behind closed doors. 

“You’re fun at heart, but feel most safe behind closed doors,” says Schachter.  “Maybe you want to have more fun than you’re showing the rest of the world.”

The Slow Starter

You like your shower cooler than normal, giving you the jolt you need to get energized. 

“This one is more purposeful than a routine shower, more like a military shower,” says Suvak.  “It’s like you’re recharging your body.” 

For you, the shower is like the equivalent of a cup of strong coffee.  You might have always required an extra push, whether from a parent, teacher or boss.  You’re not a self-starter, but can get into gear with the right help.

The Escape Artist

The kids are pounding on the bathroom door, you have a million things to get to, but for now you don’t care.  While you might wash quickly enough, you linger under the spray far longer than needed. 

“You need to take a step back and nurture yourself before you plunge into the rest of the day,” says Schachter. The shower fills your need for a temporary refuge, a place to let your mind go blank.

The Dreamer

Whether it’s designing an invention in your head or solving one of life’s more mundane problems, you yearn for time to contemplate.  You’re an ideas person, and this comes through strongly in the shower, your personal think tank. 

Says Suvak, “It’s definitely a place where people daydream.  Some people do their best thinking in the shower.” 

Of course, you may not be spending all that time dreaming up a million dollar idea.  A survey by skin care company Olay discovered that 55% of women often think about chores in the shower, while 54% think about their weight or physical fitness.  And men?  The survey found that 57% think about – surprise – sex while showering.

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