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Manage allergy symptoms this spring and summer with these practical tips.

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Runny nose getting you down? Peak allergy season is upon us and pollen from trees (in the spring) and grass (in the summer) are infamous for taking immune systems hostage. If you’re suffering through watery eyes, sneezing and a drippy or congested nose, it’s time to act. Try these tricks to get relief from bothersome allergy symptoms so you can get on with your day.

Keep clothes pollen free

Avoid hanging laundry outside to dry and remove your clothes and shower immediately after outdoor activities. Frequently rinse pets, too.

Manage your lawn

Keep the grass in your yard as short as possible—or transition to rocks, sand and water features or low-pollen ground cover like Irish Moss, Bunch or Dichondra.

Stay inside in the morning

Pollen counts are often highest in the morning and early afternoon. Stay indoors during peak hours and keep an eye on pollen forecasts when planning weekly activities.

Rinse your sinuses

Flush your nasal passage with saline solution to get rid of built-up mucus and allergens.

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Take an antihistamine

Histamine is the chemical that gets released when your body tries to combat allergens—and it’s what’s responsible for your symptoms. Take an oral antihistamine like REACTINE®

Extra Strength to soothe an itchy, sneezy, runny nose and watery, red eyes.

When allergies hit fast, REACTINE® acts fast. Thanks to the results of 4,000 votes cast by Canadians like you, REACTINE® is one of the most Trusted BrandsTM of Allergy Reliever* for 2022.

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