How Does the Weather Affect Our Health?

From very early times, people have suspected that there is a link between the weather and human health – in fact the famous Greek physician Hippocrates wrote a treatise on the subject in about 400 BC called On Air, Waters and Places.

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It examined the effect of wind and temperature on human reactions and the effect of seasons on disease pandemics.

Since then, mounting evidence has accumulated that connects the weather with several diseases, such as arthritis, rheumatism, bleeding ulcers and even coronary thrombosis. Obviously the weather is not a cause, but it may act as a trigger in susceptible individuals.

There is even a statistical connection that links the onset of spontaneous labour in childbirth with falling atmospheric pressure – more women seem to go into labour when a cold front or low-pressure cell is approaching. No universally accepted theory has been proposed to explain this curious phenomenon.

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