9 Ways to Cellphone Safety

While the debate rages about the safety of cellphones, experts are encouraging us to take precautions when using these convenient devices.     

Research from around the world is showing there is a connection between the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by cellphones and increased health risks, including cancer.

Oncologist specialist Ronald B. Herberman, MD, Director of The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute along with scientists from The BioInitiative Working Group make the following suggestions for safe use of cellphones:

  • Except for emergencies, children under the age of 12 should not be using cellphones. Since their skulls are thinner than adults, children absorb more radiation.
  • Encourage teenagers to use a headset and concentrate on text messaging.
  • Pregnant woman should stay away from cellphones since the developing organs of a fetus are particularly sensitive to EMF radiation.
  • Don’t carry your cellphone around in your pocket where it can expose sensitive body parts to EMF waves. It’s better to carry your cellphone in a purse or briefcase. If you have to carry it on your body, put the back facing out to minimize radiation exposure.
  • When possible, use a hands-free headset or put the phone on speaker mode to reduce the amount of time the cellphone is pressed against your ear.
  • Stop using the cell as your alarm. Don’t leave the phone near your head at night and never store it under your pillow.
  • Keep conversations to a minimum. For chats longer than 15 minutes move to a landline. Cordless phones give off the same amount of radiation as a cellphone, so always use the landline for longer conversations.
  • Avoid using your cell when the signal is weak, particularly in the train or car as this increases the EMF as the phone searches for a connection. Wait until all the bars are there for less radiation. EMF is at its highest when there are only one or two bars.
  • Choose a phone with the lowest Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) possible. This measurement tells you the strength of the magnetic field absorbed by the body. You can also request the information from your specific manufacturer.

When you’d done with your cellphone, make sure it doesn’t end up as e-waste. Donate your used phone to a charitable organization or send it to a reputable recycler.

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