Not feeling well? Learn how to spot the signs of various health conditions, as well as the latest in prevention, treatment, and home remedies to jump start your recovery.

The Truth About Old Wives’ Tales

We asked readers if they had old wives' tales that they wanted our Research Department to investigate. Here is a...

Reclaiming Restaurants

Who doesn't love a night off from cooking? There's no need to feel wary of restaurants just because you have...

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Minor Medical Mishaps

You can't go running to the doctor for every minor burn, scrape, or dizzy spell. Here's how to handle those...

Cold Sore Cures

Cold sores can sneak up on you, and keep coming back. Catch them early, and fend them off with these...

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Soothe Parched Winter Skin

Slathering yourself with lotions and potions, but still can't fight the flakes? Try one of these home remedies to do...

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How to Handle Hangovers

The holiday season is a time of decadent eating and drinking, but consuming copious amounts of liquor can result in...

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Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Since so many types of cancers are now curable when found at early stages, having regular physical exams and screening...

A Pill to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Revolutionary drugs that block or stop estrogen are extending the lives of women with breast cancer.

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The Defining Characteristics of Autism

There are no medical tests for autism.

What is Intelligence? From Smarts to Wisdom, How to Define Intelligence

A good working definition of intelligence is the ability to learn and to use what is learned to reach your...

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The Transition from Natural to Processed

Manufacturers of processed foods pile on the salt to help create big, attractive flavours.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

Our hands were just not designed for the kind of repetitive work we do these days, especially the hours we...

How to Treat and Prevent Osteoarthritis

Most people will have some degree of osteoarthritis by the time they hit 70. What causes it? 

What is Parkinson’s Disease & Steps to Slow Progression

Perhaps no disease more clearly represents the terrible toll oxidation can take than Parkinson's disease.

How To Slow the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Many people view aging like a game of Russian roulette-if you're unlucky enough to land on the chamber with the...

3 Steps to Treat Warts

The same family of viruses responsible for cervical cancer also causes warts. Luckily, warts are much less dangerous.

6 Steps to Treat a UTI

UTIs all come down to the same thing: an infection somewhere along the route that carries urine from the bladder...

How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are common, and 4 to 8 per cent of adults will suffer from kidney disease at some stage...

How to Get Rid of a Urinary Tract Infection

Modern science has proved what folk healers have long claimed: These bothersome and potentially serious infections, one of the most...