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3 Tips for Fighting Osteoporosis

Approximately 1.4 million Canadians suffer from bone-crippling osteoporosis. In fact, many older people are unaware of it until a first fracture. Click through for three tips on reducing the chances of being affected:

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Skim milk is a good source of osteoporosis-fighting calcium.

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1. Watch Your Diet

Keep it rich in calcium and vitamin D. It’s best for women of all ages to include cereals, fruits, vegetables and dairy products in their diet and keep a check on fats, oils and sugar. Get at least 1000mg of calcium a day (pregnant women need 1300mg). Good sources of calcium: skim milk, cheese, spinach. For vitamin D: eggs, cod liver oil, tuna.

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2. Get Moving

To maintain strong bones, do weight-bearing exercises like walking, aerobics and yoga.

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3. Go Out!

Exposure to sunlight triggers vitamin D synthesis. So don’t stay indoors all day. But be aware that in older women this process is not as efficient. So take care of getting the right diet as well. Women who are approaching middle age have to be extra careful because when menopause strikes, a woman experiences a slowdown in metabolism and decrease in bone mass, putting her at a greater risk for fractures.