Perfect Portion Size Guide

Most of us underestimate portions and, therefore, calories by at least 25 per cent—meaning that you could eat hundreds of extra calories every day and not even know it. Here’s how to estimate the perfect portion size every time. We give you two comparisons: one compares the portion size to everyday objects and the other to parts of your hand, for a take-anywhere system.    

The Perfect PortionLooks like ThisOr This
90 g meata mini-pack of tissuesyour outstretched palm
90 g fisha chequebookyour outstretched palm
3–4 tablespoons beansa tennis balla cupped handful
40 g cheese3 diceyour thumb
2 heaping tablespoons rice or pastaa full cupcake wrapper a rounded handful
1 portion of mashed potatoesa drink coasteryour palm
25 g rolla bar of soaphalf of your palm
1 small bunthe round part of a light bulbhalf of your fist
8 cm piece of cakea pack of cardsabout 3⁄4 of your palm
1 teaspoon butter or margarinea postage stampthe tip of your thumb
1 tablespoon oil or dressingthe base of a teacupthe centre of your cupped hand
potato chips tennis balla cupped handful
nuts or dried fruita golf ball

a small cupped handful