This Viral Video Shows You How to Cut Cake with Just a Wine Glass

Whoever gave us yet another reason to love our wine glasses, we salute you!

We’re back at it again with the TikTok hacks! From making your pots and pans look brand new to a brilliant ketchup bottle hack, it seems the viral video social media site just has it all.

The latest video making it into the coveted TikTok hack party requires only your favourite wine glass and some cake. Yes, you heard that correctly—it’s time to learn the perfect cake cutting hack! We’ll never cut a cake the same again.

What exactly is the cake cutting hack?

It’s actually so simple that we’re kicking ourselves for not thinking of it earlier. Imagine it’s your birthday, and you’re together with a few of your best friends for a (socially distanced) fun night in of wine and lively conversation. You’ve got a gorgeous red velvet cake to commemorate the event and are about to start slicing when….you realize there’s a much easier way.

@theroseperiodHappy 20th birthday to my Jules!##twenty##fyp##birthdaycake##wineglasses##tiktokmom♬ Outro: Happy Birthday – Altered Images

Introducing the cake cutting hack we didn’t know we needed. What you’ll do is take a wine glass, flip it upside down and press it into the outer rim of the cake. As the glass slides down, a good chunk of cake will separate into your flipped wine glass (depending on how much you chose to take). After that, all you have to do is flip your wine glass right side up, grab a fork and dig in!

Cut smarter, not harder

Just think of all the dishes you save with this trick. That’s honestly my favourite part of the whole thing! It’s fun to try new and odd things every once in a while, you know? This trick has been showing up in a few different places other than TikTok, too, like Twitter and the like. I guess this gives me the perfect random reason to bake a cake this weekend then, right?

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