This Is Why Pop Tastes So Much Better in Glass Bottles

Ever noticed that pop tastes better in glass bottles? Here's the scientific reason why!

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Ever notice that pop tastes better in glass bottles? Here’s why!

There’s nothing quite like taking the first cold sip of pop after opening a bottle. But have your taste buds ever noticed the slight flavour difference between drinking the same soda out of an aluminum can versus a plastic bottle or a glass bottle? They’re not all the same and there is actually a scientific reason for that. (Find out how these surprising foods actually trick your taste buds!)

Pop companies claim that the recipe of their drinks doesn’t change depending on the way they package it. But what does change is the material of the package, and that can alter the taste—and while it’s not by much, some people can detect a slight difference.

Plastic is much more CO2-permeable than glass and aluminum, meaning that the carbon dioxide, or fizz, will leak out of a plastic bottle much faster than a glass bottle or can. Have you ever noticed that the litre of cola sitting on top of your fridge doesn’t taste that great after a few weeks, even if it hasn’t been opened? Plastic bottles also have an acetaldehyde lining, which can transfer into the flavour of the drink giving it a slight “plastic-y” taste. Here are 50 more reasons to stop using plastic.

Pop in a glass bottle will stay fresher longer because it’s much harder for CO2 to escape through it. Your pop won’t go flat and will taste delicious when you open it. The one downside to glass bottles is that they’re more expensive and you won’t get as much pop. But, you could always stick with aluminum cans, which are also much less permeable than plastic, and just pour your pop into a glass cup. Next, read about the real reason the Coca Cola logo is red.

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