This Trick For Peeling Potatoes is Taking Over the Internet

The secret to peeling potatoes in a matter of seconds? A fork!

Another day, another TikTok hack to help make our lives a little easier. Thanks to these viral videos, we’ve learned everything from how to make powdered sugar to hacks for cleaning your wooden spoons. Today, we found a little something to help make peeling potatoes quick and easy.

Check Out This Genius Potato Peeling Hack

Gone are the days of spending tons of time peeling a bag of potatoes. Sure, you can leave the skins on for tons of recipes, but sometimes there’s just no way of getting around it… Like when you want to enjoy a big batch of buttermilk smashed potatoes.

TikTok user @thatdudecancook showed us a potato peeling hack to get this job done quickly and efficiently—and it’s quite simple. Just stick a fork in the potato, peel the long sides using a peeler, pull the fork out and finish peeling the top and bottom of the spud. That’s it!

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Does this potato peeling hack really work?

It seems to work best with medium and larger sized potatoes, because you take longer strokes with the peeler. Of course, you still need to work your way around the bumpy parts, but the time spent on the project overall is way less. Don’t forget that you have to stick the fork pretty deep into your potato to keep it steady while peeling—otherwise it will roll away.

Now that you’ve got this potato peeling hack under your belt, find out how to make perfect mashed potatoes—in the microwave!

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