4 Sweet Corn Hacks You Need to Try Now

We all love sweet corn, but it can be tricky to prep, clean or freeze. Here's how to get the most out of those golden kernels.

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The season of fresh sweet corn is short and, well, sweet! But working with the gorgeous, golden ears in the kitchen can be frustrating. Corn silk is stubborn, and removing kernels can be so messy.

That’s why we’re sharing our favourite tips and tricks for getting the most out of summer’s sweet corn.

1. Remove corn silk (yes, all of it)

Your produce brush is a handy tool for scrubbing corn silk off the cobs. After shucking the corn, gently brush each ear under running water. The silks will come right off.

2. Cut off kernels without the mess

Grab a chef’s knife and carefully stand the shucked ear in the centre of a Bundt pan. (While you’re at it, learn about the kitchen appliances you’re using wrong.) If you don’t have one—or you don’t want to risk nicking its finish—use a small bowl inverted inside a larger one, like we did above. The pan (or bowl) will catch the kernels and milk from the fresh-cut corn.

Psst: 1 ear of fresh corn = 2/3 cup of kernels

3. Keep it warm on the go

If you’re on your way to a potluck and don’t want to cook corn on-site or tote it in a slow cooker, we’ve got you covered. All you need are some microwaveable hot packs and a cooler. Heat the packs, then add them to the cooler with hot, individually wrapped ears of corn. Everything will stay heated and ready to eat.

4. Don’t forget, it freezes like a charm

Are you ready for sweet corn any time of the year? Freeze in airtight containers allowing headspace for expansion. People will ask you how your frozen corn tastes just as good as the fresh stuff.

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