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17 Common Food Names You Probably Pronounce Wrong

Fact: 100 per cent of people pronounce “sriracha” wrong.

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Bruschetta is one of the most mispronounced wordsPhoto: Shutterstock

Mispronounced words: Bruschetta

Don’t say: Broo-sheh-tuh
Instead say: Broo-SKET-tuh

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SrirachaPhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Sree-rah-cha
Instead say: SEE-rah-cha

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Maraschino cherry on wooden tablePhoto: Shutterstock

Maraschino cherry

Don’t say: Mare-uh-sheeno
Instead say: Mare-uh-SKEENO

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Star anise is one of the most mispronounced wordsPhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Ah-nees
Instead say: ANN-iss

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JicamaPhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Hick-uh-muh
Instead say: HEE-kuh-mah

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Greek gyro with friesPhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Jy-roe
Instead say: YEE-roe

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Brazilian acai in bowlPhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Ah-kai
Instead say: Ah-SIGH-ee

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Seafood BouillabaissePhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Bool-yah-bays
Instead say: BOO-yah-BESS

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Rainbow sherbert in conePhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Sher-bert
Instead say: Sher-BIT
(The proper spelling is always “sherbet”; If you see this printed on a menu as “sherbert,” it’s wrong.)

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Vietnames pho noodle soupPhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Foe
Instead say: FUH

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Endive on rustic tablePhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: En-dive
Instead say: On-DEEV

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Worcestershire saucePhoto: Christopher Gardiner/Shutterstock

Worcestershire sauce

Don’t say: Wore-chester-shire
Instead say: WOOS-TUH-SHURE

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Red lychee fruit in bowlPhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Lie-chee
Instead say: LEE-chee

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Gnocchi in pesto saucePhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: No-key
Instead say: NYOH-key

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Crudites Photo: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Krew-dites
Instead say: Krew-dih-TAY

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Japanese sakePhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Socky
Instead say: Sah-KAY

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Espresso in white cupPhoto: Shutterstock


Don’t say: Ex-press-oh
Instead say: ESS-press-oh

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