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8 Clever Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Wine

Don’t let that unfinished bottle go to waste! Read on for eight ingenious uses for leftover wine.

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Apple cider vinegarPhoto: Shutterstock

Make artisanal vinegar

Pour a red variety into a jar of non-pasteurized vinegar and leave it alone, stirring weekly. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll have artisanal vinegar.

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Chestnut soup with porcini mushroomsPhoto: Shutterstock

Flavour-boost soups and stews

White and sparkling work best in creamy or clear and brothy soups (think chowder and simple vegetable), while red wine goes well with tomato or beef-based varieties (think chili). Add a few generous splashes per portion.

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Pears in red winePhoto: Shutterstock

Poach fruit

Poach pears, apples, peaches, or plums in red wine and sugar. Let simmer in the liquid for ten minutes.

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Fruit flies on a jackfruitPhoto: Shutterstock

Use it as a fly trap

Fruit flies? An open bottle with even the smallest bit of wine left can serve as a flytrap. Flies will gravitate toward the bottle instead of your fruit bowl and will be unable to escape.

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Scrambled eggsPhoto: Shutterstock

Whip up fluffy eggs

Add any sparkling white wine like champagne, prosecco, or cava to omelets for an amazingly fluffy dish. While you’re beating the eggs, pour in approximately one tablespoon of bubbly for every two eggs.

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Ice cube trayPhoto: Shutterstock

Freeze it

Freeze in ice cube trays (eight cubes = one cup) to add flavour to sauces and stews.

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Steamed musselsPhoto: Shutterstock

Make a delicious sauce

To make classic steamed mussels, combine leftover white wine (a little less than half a cup per pound of mussels) with butter and garlic.

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Beautiful flowers in vasePhoto: Shutterstock

Beautify your home

If your only leftover is, ahem, the bottle: Use the empty vessel as a fuss-free and beautiful flower vase.

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