8 Indian Spices You Can Use in Everyday Cooking

Indian cuisine is widely known for its use of delicious spices. Try adding these eight amazing flavours to your dishes.

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Raw organic cardamom pods
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1. Cardamom

As a fragrant and flavourful spice, cardamom is used in Indian meat, vegetables, chai, and sweet dishes throughout the country’s diverse cuisine. Try adding cardamom seeds or ground cardamom to your favourite rice or bread pudding recipe for a fragrant change from the ordinary.

Try this saffron and pistachio pudding with cardamom and honey recipe.

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Sliced fresh red chillies
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2. Chillies

Chillies are used in a variety of curries in Indian cooking to add flavour and heat to vegetarian and meat dishes. Add chillies with extra cumin to a classic chili recipe or spice up your vegetable stew with heat.

Try these Thai-style mussels with chili and basil

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Fresh green cilantro and coriander
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3. Cilantro/Coriander

Used in curries and rice dishes, cilantro is a versatile ingredient that adds an earthy, fragrant punch to dishes. Add cilantro to fresh salsa or use it in marinades for beef, poultry, or fish.

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Cinnamon sticks
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4. Cinnamon

Often used to flavour chai and desserts, cinnamon is a pungent ingredient that can transform any dish into something savoury and fragrant. Try adding cinnamon to your chocolate cake recipe or add a few dashes on your favourite chocolate sundae for an unexpected treat.

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Cloves with clove oil
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5. Cloves

With a rich, fragrant flavour, cloves are a wonderful addition to meat, vegetable, and rice dishes. Stud lamb with cloves and roast for a savoury dish packed with flavour.

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Fresh Indian curry leaves
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6. Curry Leaves

Used as a seasoning in Indian cooking, curry leaves add unparalleled freshness to any dish. Try adding curry leaves to your favourite spice rub or add them to biscuit dough for a savoury addition to your meal.

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Fresh ripe tamarind in bowl
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7. Tamarind

Popular throughout India, tamarind is used in meats, pastes, and chutneys. Tamarind is a natural meat tenderizer, so add it to your favourite meat marinade for a tart twist of flavour. Add tamarind concentrate to your favourite citrus mixed drink for a unique taste.

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Turmeric is one of the most popular Indian spices
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8. Turmeric

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is popularly used in Indian curries and chutney. The pungent flavour and bright yellow-orange colour makes it a powerful addition to any meal. Try adding turmeric to poultry and vegetable dishes for flavour and fragrance. Sources: Indianfoodforever.com.

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