3 Reasons You Need to Get a Meal Kit Subscription

HelloFresh delivers the excitement your mealtime has been missing. Think restaurant-style dining in the comfort of your home.

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Lately, the days have been lacking a little in excitement. One day blends into the next—even more so during these cold, dark winter months. Chances are your evening dinners have fallen into a bit of a rut as well. Switch things up—no extra effort required—with a HelloFresh meal subscription that will deliver delicious dinners night after night. Explore new recipes from world cuisines and try new flavours and spices that you may not have discovered otherwise. It’s the little escape your taste buds have been craving.

Here’s why HelloFresh meal kits should be part of your weekly dinner menu.

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Save time, and energy

More often than not, menu planning, grocery shopping and meal prep require more energy than cooking itself. Save the mental energy you would usually spend on these tasks and put it toward something that brings you joy (like your growing houseplant collection or that sweater you’ve just started knitting!).

With a HelloFresh subscription you’ll be able to skip the grocery line and get everything you need delivered straight to your door. Each week you’ll be able to choose from over 20 delicious and healthy meals, like Sesame Soy Maple Chicken, Sweet and Savoury Brie Pizzettes, and Pork and Butternut Squash Linguine. You can even select add-ons like garlic bread. It’s almost like ordering off a menu! With so much variety, it’s easy to choose something that’ll satisfy every family member’s taste buds.

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Easy, step-by-step instructions

With clear, step-by-step instructions, HelloFresh recipes are easy enough for the most amateur cook to whip up, but taste like they came from a gourmet kitchen. It’s the elevated dining experience you and your partner have been craving, and the perfect excuse to finally have that date night. Plus, with each recipe ready in approximately 30 minutes, you’ve got more time for the things that matter.

Reduce food waste

Each meal kit comes with pre-portioned ingredients so there’s no food waste left to either toss or try and work into another meal idea. Another unexpected perk: the money you’ll save. Since each HelloFresh meal kit comes with all ingredients, there’s no need to buy a huge jar of a spice or condiment that you only end up using once or twice. (Think of the cupboard space you’ll gain back!)

At the end of a long day, “What’s for dinner?” is the one question you always want to have an answer to. HelloFresh has you covered.

To get $80 off, head here and use code HFREADERS80. If only they could take care of washing the dishes, too.

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