This Beautiful Dessert Has Been Pinned Over 270,000 Times!

Trust us: this sweet treat tastes every bit as good as it looks!

Chocolate-Dipped-Strawberry-MeringuePhoto: Taste of Home

We just found the perfect dessert!

Have you ever seen a dessert that looks too pretty to eat? Well, these Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Meringue Roses, approved by the Test Kitchen at our sister site, Taste of Home, might fall into that category. But trust us, you’re not going to want to just leave these treats on display.

The only ingredients you need for this simple recipe are egg whites, sugar, freeze-dried strawberries, vanilla extract, strawberry gelatin, and baking chocolate. Home chefs who have tried baking it give it an average rating of five stars. In addition to its high ratings, the recipe has been pinned on Pinterest over 270,000 times! In fact, that’s Taste of Home’s most repinned recipe on Pinterest—ever.

You’re probably thinking that it takes a seasoned baker to create edible roses that look this beautiful, but anyone can do it. You’ll just need a steady hand and a #1M star piping tip. Cut a hole in the tip of the pastry bag or in a corner of a food-safe plastic bag, add the meringue to the bag, and start creating your flowers. Pop them in the oven and after they’ve cooled, dip the bottoms of the roses in melted chocolate for an extra sweet treat. They’ll look beautiful displayed on your kitchen counter, but chances are, they aren’t going to last very long.

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