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What If the Person Who Named Walkie Talkies Named Everything?

You've probably never thought about how weird the word 'walkie talkie' is until now. Here's what would happen if we named everything like that.

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walkie talkie

Let’s name things like the Walkie Talkie

A few years back, Reddit user dirtknapp asked the Internet: “What would the person who named Walkie Talkies have named other things?” The answers went on for a smiley whiley—and here are our very favourites.

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stabby grabbies walkie talkie

Forks would be…

Does anyone know where the box of plastic stabby grabbies is? I need one for my salad.

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soupie scoopies walkie talkie

Spoons would be…

Please stop slurping your meal off of your soupy scoopy.

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hairy wearies walkie talkie

Wigs would be…

Grandpa likes to wear a hairy weary for special occasions because he lost all his real hair.

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roomy vroomies walkie talkie

Limos would be…

Lots of roomy vroomies pulled up to the church to take the wedding party to the reception.

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hearty starty walkie talkie

A defibrillator would be…

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starey squaries walkie talkie

Computers would be…

Make sure to bring your starey squaries to lecture today.

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zoomie boomies walkie talkie

Cruise missiles would be…

We saw lots of antique zoomie boomies at the war museum.

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heatie eaties walkie talkie

Microwaves would be…

The instructions say to cook it in the heatie eaty for four minutes.

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wheezy sneezies walkie talkie

Allergies would be…

My wheezy sneezies are always so bad this time of year.

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cattle rattles walkie talkie

Cowbells would be…

Make sure to bring the cattle rattles to the football game so we can cheer on our team.

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rightie tightie walkie talkie

Screwdrivers would be…

Is it a Phillips or flat head rightie tighty?

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feetie heaties walkie talkie

Socks would be…

One of the best gifts you can give is feetie heaties. Everyone needs them!

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