5 Unique Gift Ideas to Bring a Smile to More Than One Face

Help children in need while honouring a loved one at the same time.

Cb Main Img 1000x750Photo: Children Believe

After another tough year at home in Canada, and around the world, wouldn’t it be great if you could make more than one person happy with your gifts this holiday season?

You can spread hope to the people you love, and vulnerable communities around the world at the same time, by supporting those in need through a charity gift catalogue.

Provide water, nourishment, healthcare, lasting income, education and more. You’ll also break barriers holding children back from claiming their right to go to school and build a brighter future.

Your unique gift will give hope and joy, and (believe it or not) that’s possible for $75 or less…

Clean water

You’ll give children clean water close to home, so they grow healthy and go to school rather than fetch water for hours a day.

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Support single moms

Your gift will provide struggling moms with essential supplies to keep their family nourished and safe, such as non-perishable food (including milk), diapers, face masks and more.

Cb Img3 1000x750Photo: Children Believe

Stock a health clinic

You can provide lifesaving equipment to a health centre. You’ll help make it possible for babies, children, expectant mothers and more to receive the care they need to thrive.

Cb Img4 1000x750Photo: Children Believe

Three hens and a rooster

A popular gift, chickens give nutritious food and income. Fun fact: a hen can produce more than 300 eggs per year.

Cb Img5 1000x750Photo: Children Believe

Fill a backpack

A child’s education can be expensive. You can support them on their journey by providing a backpack filled with essential supplies such as pencils, pens, paper and schoolbooks.

Fill a back packPhoto: Children Believe

Walk alongside children and youth who need it most this Christmas. Check out 50+ gifts in Children Believe’s Gifts for Good catalogue, and help children achieve the extraordinary.

Shop childrenbelieve.ca/gift-catalogue, today.

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