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100 Trivia Questions Only Geniuses Will Get Right

From pop culture to geography, see how you fare against these challenging trivia questions.

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Trivia questions - Name that Icelandic attractionPhoto:

Trivia Question #1

What geothermal Icelandic site has the same name as a 1980 movie?

A. Xanadu

B. The Shining

C. Heaven’s Gate

D. The Blue Lagoon

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Trivia questions - The Blue LagoonPhoto:

Answer: D. The Blue Lagoon

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Trivia questions - Which European country shares a border with Brazil?Photo:

Trivia Question #2

Which European country technically shares a border with Brazil, because one of its “overseas departments” does?

A. Germany

B. Belgium

C. France

D. Great Britain

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Trivia questions - FrancePhoto:

Answer: C. France, because of French Guiana

Fun fact: Cayenne pepper is named after Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana.

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Trivia questions - Chicken-flavoured nail polish?Photo:

Trivia Question #3

What “finger-lickin’ good” company piloted a chicken-flavoured nail polish?

A. Church’s Chicken


C. Popeyes

D. Mary Brown’s

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Trivia questions - KFCPhoto:

Answer: B. KFC

The polish came in two colours—original and hot & spicy—and was exclusively available in Hong Kong.

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Trivia questions - Which letter is it?Photo:

Trivia Question #4

In printing, it’s the colour black. In chemistry, it’s potassium. In baseball, it’s a strikeout. Which letter is it?

A. K

B. R

C. T

D. X

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Trivia questions - Letter KPhoto:

Answer: K

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Trivia questions - What do these candidates have in common?Photo:

Trivia Question #5

Samuel Tilden, Grover Cleveland, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton share what distinction among U.S. presidential candidates?

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Trivia questions - They won the popular vote but lost the electoral-college votePhoto:

Answer: They won the popular vote but lost the electoral-college vote

Can you guess the only president Queen Elizabeth II didn’t meet with during her reign?

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Trivia questions - Name that poetPhoto:

Trivia Question #6

What Scottish poet’s works inspired the book titles Of Mice and Men and Catcher in the Rye?

A. Robert Louis Stevenson

B. Robert Burns

C. James Hogg

D. Walter Alva Scott

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Trivia questions - Robert BurnsPhoto:

Answer: B. Robert Burns

The two influential poems were titled “Comin’ Through the Rye” and “To a Mouse,” respectively.

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Trivia questions - "Teardrop on the cheek of time"Photo:

Trivia Question #7

What Indian mausoleum was called a “teardrop… on the cheek of time” by Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Rabindranath Tagore?

A. Tomb of Cyrus

B. The Taj Mahal

C. Tomb of Jahangir

B. Humayun’s Tomb

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Trivia questions - The Taj MahalPhoto:

Answer: B. The Taj Mahal

A mind-boggling 20,000 artisans and 1,000 elephants were involved in the construction of the Taj Mahal.

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Trivia questions - Which letter is omitted?Photo:

Trivia Question #8

Which letter is omitted from the names of a prominent GBTQ+ dating app, a website that hosts over 465 million blogs, and many other tech brands?

A. O

B. E

C. X

D. I

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Trivia questions - Letter EPhoto:

Answer: E (Grindr and Tumblr)

Other examples include Flickr and Scribd.

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Trivia questions - Name that colourPhoto:

Trivia Question #9

In a 2010 study, people found more mistakes when they marked essays with a pen of what colour?

A. Blue

B. Red

C. Green

D. Black

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Trivia questions - RedPhoto:

Answer: B. Red

Here are the grammar mistakes spell check won’t catch.

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Trivia questions - Name that actorPhoto:

Trivia Question #10

What actor said, “If you had been a public figure since the time you were a toddler… maybe you too would value privacy above all else”?

A. Leonardo DiCaprio

B. Jodie Foster

C. Shirley Temple

D. Daniel Radcliffe

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Trivia questions - Jodie FosterPhoto:

Answer: B. Jodie Foster

The two-time Academy Award winner made her acting debut in 1968 on the television show Mayberry R.F.D. While studying at Yale University, she was stalked by John W. Hinckley Jr., who would later try to assassinate then-President Ronald Reagan in 1981 in an effort to “impress” Foster.

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Trivia questions - Which has more landmassPhoto:

Trivia Question #11

Which has more landmass: Antarctica or Canada?

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Trivia questions - AntarcticaPhoto:

Answer: Antarctica

Antarctica has an area of more than 14 million km², 98 per cent of which is covered by the Antarctic ice sheet.

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Trivia questions - Name that Disney princessPhoto:

Trivia Question #12

What princess was traditionally called Badr al-Budur before Disney renamed her?

A. Belle

B. Anna

C. Jasmine

D. Ariel

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Trivia questions - Princess JasminePhoto:

Answer: C. Jasmine

Fun fact: one of the earliest known versions of Aladdin was set in China!

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Trivia questions - SkvaderPhoto:

Trivia Question #13

In Swedish, a skvader is a rabbit with what unusual feature?

A. Wings

B. Glasses

C. Leotard

D. Giant Hands

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Trivia questions - WingsPhoto:

Answer: A. Wings

The fictional creature was created in 1918 by taxidermist Rudolf Granberg.

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Trivia questions - 40 bottles of sunscreenPhoto:

Trivia Question #14

Makeup artist Joanna Balkin says she needed 40 bottles of sunscreen per month to protect what 1990s TV show’s cast from sunburns?

A. Law & Order

B. Beverly Hills, 90210

C. Dawson’s Creek

D. Baywatch

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Trivia questions - BaywatchPhoto:

Answer: D. Baywatch

According to cast member Alexandra Paul, contracts for all of the actors on Baywatch stipulated that nobody could gain weight! (Yes, this rule applied for the men as well.)

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Trivia questions - Name that famous composerPhoto:

Trivia Question #15

In 2017, the site determined the 10 most performed ballets in the world. What composer gave us three of them, including the first?

A. Léo Delibes

B. Sergei Prokofiev

C. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

D. Jean-Madeleine Schneitzhoeffer

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Trivia questions - Peter Ilyich TchaikovskyPhoto:

Answer: C. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Number one was The Nutcracker)

The other two ballets were Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty!

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Trivia questions - Sherlock HolmesPhoto:

Trivia Question #16

The three actors who starred as Magneto, Iron Man and Doctor Strange have all played what other character?

A. James Bond

B. Basil Fawlty

C. Ebenezer Scrooge

D. Sherlock Holmes

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Trivia questions - Sherlock HolmesPhoto:

Answer: D. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most-filmed fictional characters of all time. According to IMDb, Holmes has appeared in a mind-boggling 226 films!

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Trivia questions - South AfricaPhoto:

Trivia Question #17

So far, which has been the only FIFA World Cup host not to make it out of the group stage?

A. Sweden

B. Mexico

C. United States

D. South Africa

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Trivia questions - South AfricaPhoto:

Answer: D. South Africa (in 2010)

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Trivia questions - the kidneyPhoto:

Trivia Question #18

Worldwide, which is the most commonly transplanted organ from living donors?

A. The kidney

B. The colon

C. The stomach

D. The gallbladder

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Trivia questions - the kidneyPhoto:

Answer: A. The kidney

Your kidneys filter approximately 150 quarts of blood each day.

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Trivia questions - Sadiq KhanPhoto:

Trivia Question #19

What city elected Sadiq Khan, its first mayor from an ethnic minority, in 2016?

A. Liverpool, England

B. Greater London, England

C. Birmingham, England

D. Manchester, England

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Trivia questions - Sadiq KhanPhoto:

Answer: B. Greater London, England

Khan is also the first Muslim mayor of a major Western capital city.

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