Share Your Story With Reader’s Digest Canada

2022 is a special year for this magazine. This fall we’ll mark the 75th anniversary of Reader’s Digest Canada and our French-language sister publication, Sélection. We’ve lasted this long because we have readers who care deeply about this magazine. RD is like a close and trusted friend.

We’d like to hear your stories about the time you first discovered RD—that moment when the magazine became a part of your life. Maybe it was yesterday, or maybe it was 75 years ago!

Tell us about that one unforgettable RD story that filled you with sorrow or joy—or both. Or how you started sharing our jokes pages with your favourite cousin, for example, or perhaps how RD’s medical reporting helped your family lead healthier lives. Or maybe you discovered a fact in an RD article that made you see the world in an entirely new way.

Everyone has an RD discovery story. Share yours in the form below. We’ll publish as many as we can fit into our upcoming anniversary issue.

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