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25+ Rarely Seen Photos of Queen Elizabeth with Her Father, King George VI

A heartwarming look back at this endearing father-daughter relationship.

VARIOUS Family portrait of the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) with the newborn Princess (later Queen Elizabeth II).Universal History Archive/Shutterstock

A mum, a dad, and a newborn princess

King George VI was born His Royal Highness Prince Albert, the second-born son of King George V. When Prince Albert (called “Bertie” by his friends and family) married Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, the two became the Duke and Duchess of York. Here, the Duke and Duchess are pictured with their newborn, Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York. When Elizabeth was born, there was virtually no expectation she’d ever become Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Historical Collection 35Historia/Shutterstock

Just out of the terrible twos

In this sweet family portrait from 1929, the Duke of York smiles at his toddler daughter, who sits on her mum’s lap.

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George Duke of York and Elizabeth Duchess of York Princess Elizabeth, London, Gbr XenAP/Shutterstock

Daddy’s in military garb; a princess salutes

In this photo taken the summer of 1931, the Duke exits the car in military garb after his wife and daughter, while Princess Elizabeth salutes members of the military.

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The Duke and Duchess of York Later King George Vi with Their Children Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret and Some of Their Dogs an Informal Portrait at Princess Elizabeth's Miniature House House at the Royal Lodge Windsor the House Was A Gift From the People of Wales As A Sixth Birthday Gift For Princess Elizabeth(later Queen Elizabeth Ii) 1933Historia/Shutterstock

Playing house

In their childhood, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret had an adorable miniature house that was a gift from the people of Wales. In this 1933 photo, the two princesses pose with their pups and their parents outside the tiny house.

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Historical Collection 84 King George Vi Stands Behind His Eldest Daughter Princess Elizabeth Who is Wearing A Bridesmaid Dress 1936Historia/Shutterstock

The Princess bridesmaid

Young Princess Elizabeth was a bridesmaid at the November 1934 wedding of Prince George, Duke of Kent (a younger brother of George) to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark. Elizabeth is pictured here with her dad, the Duke of York, but what’s most notable about this photo is that it was taken the same day Elizabeth first met her future husband, Philip Mountbatten, who was Prince of Greece and Denmark at the time.

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London Duke and Duchess of York, London, United Kingdom EnglandUncredited/AP/Shutterstock

Kids Day at the Horse Show

The Duke and Duchess of York and Princess Elizabeth arrive at the Richmond Horse Show for an array of Children’s Day events on June 14, 1935.

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Historical Collection 148 Duke of York (later King George Vi) and Duchess of York (later Queen Elizabeth Consort) with Their Two Daughters Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth Ii) and Princess Margaret 1936Historia/Shutterstock

A family portrait from 1936

As it turned out, 1936 would be an especially important year for this family, though they couldn’t have known it at the moment this photo was snapped. Earlier that year, King George V had died, and his firstborn son, King Edward VIII, had ascended to the throne. But before the year ended, Edward VIII abdicated and left the throne to his brother, Prince Albert; he would ascend the throne as King George VI. Read more about the royal family scandals that rocked the world.

VARIOUS King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, of United Kingdom, Princess Elizabeth, Portrait, circa late 1930'sGlasshouse Images/Shutterstock

New King, Queen, and heir presumptive

When this photo was taken in 1937, King George VI had just recently ascended the throne. Princess Elizabeth was now the heir presumptive. That isn’t the same thing as an heir apparent; there was still the theoretical possibility that the King would father a male child and, in those days, a younger brother would have taken Elizabeth’s place in the line of succession. This rule, known as “male primogeniture,” ended during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Here are more rules Queen Elizabeth has broken.

Historical Collection 86 Scene On the Balcony of Buckingham Palace London After the Coronation of King George Vi 12 May 1937 Showing From Left to Right Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth Ii) Queen Mary Princess Margaret and King George 1937Historia/Shutterstock

A newly crowned King and his family

This photo was taken on the balcony of Buckingham Palace just after the coronation of King George VI on May 12, 1937. From left to right, we see the new Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth, the Dowager Queen Mary, Princess Margaret, and the newly crowned King.

England Royal Family, London, BritainAP/Shutterstock

A day at the theatre

King George VI, accompanied by his wife, Queen Elizabeth, and their daughter, Princess Elizabeth, arrive at the Coliseum Theatre in London for a charity matinee on March 27, 1938.

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King George VI Queen Elizabeth Princess Elizabeth Attending Show, London, Gbr XenAP/Shutterstock

Not the cheap seats

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Elizabeth are seen attending the theatre on March 27, 1939, to benefit The King George VI Pension Fund for Actors and Actresses.

Royal Family Appear on Palace, London, Gbr XenAP/Shutterstock

The royal wave

On June 22, 1939, the royal family, having just returned from their royal Canadian tour, appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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England Dartmouth Princess Elizabeth, DartmouthUncredited/AP/Shutterstock

A visit to Dartmouth Naval College

In this photo, taken during a July 1939 visit to Dartmouth Naval College, Princess Elizabeth plants a tree while her father looks on and holds the hand of Elizabeth’s younger sister, Princess Margaret.

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Scotland King George VI, XscAP/Shutterstock

A photo of the King taking a photo

At an August 1939 event at Abergeldie Castle, which is not far from Scotland’s Balmoral Castle, King George VI, wearing a kilt, holds a camera to his face. He was an avid photographer, a hobby Queen Elizabeth II adopted.

Historical Collection 176 The Royal Family at Home King George Vi and Queen Elizabeth Are Seen Chatting Princess Elizabeth Just Sixteen is Knitting (for the Troops!) and Eleven-year-old Princess Margaret Rose Listens to the Conversation 1942Historia/Shutterstock

A closely-knit family

This photo, taken in 1942, shows the royal family, including Princess Elizabeth, 16, doing some knitting for the British troops.

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Royal Family Rides in Scout Car, Gbr XenAP/Shutterstock

A princess’s first tour

On April 4, 1944, Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth, and King George VI stood in a scout car during an inspection of royal artillery units. It was Princess Elizabeth’s first full-length tour with her parents.

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Young Elizabeth follows in her father’s footsteps

In this photo of the royal family taken on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in 1945, Princess Elizabeth wears a military uniform, following in the footsteps of her dad.

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Historical Collection 174 King George Vi (1896 - 1952) Shares A Joke with His Elder Daughter Princess Elizabeth (queen Elizabeth Ii) 1946Historia/Shutterstock

A laugh between Dad and daughter

Here, we see the king sharing a laugh with his oldest daughter in 1946. Don’t miss this gallery of the funniest royal family moments caught on camera.


Meet the (royal) family

In 1947, Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, RN, asked Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth for her hand in marriage. She accepted. This photo was specially posed by the royal family in connection with the upcoming wedding.

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Later that same day…

The royal family sat for a more intimate photo, just the four of them.

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Historical Collection 83 Page From the Tatler Showing Scenes of Princess Elizabeth Travelling to and Arriving at Westminster Abbey For Her Marriage to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten On 20 November 1947 Top Left Shows the Irish Coach Starting Down the Mall the Top Right Shows the Salute As the Coach Travels Under Admiralty Arch and Finally the Bottom Picture Shows the King George Vi Watching with Parental Concern As His Elder Daughter Emerges From the Coach 1947Historia/Shutterstock

Pre-wedding jitters?

The bride-to-be, Princess Elizabeth, emerges from her carriage as King George VI looks on. The wedding day had some hiccups, which includes the “tiara incident” that occurred just before this photo was taken.

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Royal Wedding Balcony Group The Wedding Of Princess Elizabeth (queen Elizabeth Ii) And Prince Philip (duke Of Edinburgh) In 20 November 1947 L-r The King George Vi Princess Elizabeth (queen Elizabeth Ii) Prince Philip (duke Of Edinburgh) The Queen (qAssociated Newspapers/Evening News/Shutterstock

Post-royal wedding photo

On November 20, 1947, Princess Elizabeth married the Duke of Edinburgh (previously Philip Mountbatten, the former Prince of Greece and Denmark). Here, the future Queen stands between her father, King George VI, and her husband, who is chatting amiably with his new mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth; next to her is the dowager Queen Mary.

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Princess Elizabeth with Infant Son Prince Charles, 1948Historia/Shutterstock

Meet His Royal Highness, Prince Charles

HRH Prince Charles was born at Buckingham Palace on November 14, 1948. In this photo, we see four generations of the royal family: the newborn Prince Charles; Prince Charles’s mother, then-Princess Elizabeth (holding Charles); Elizabeth’s father, King George VI; and King George VI’s mother, the dowager Queen Mary.

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VARIOUS BRITISH ROYALTY - 1950SJohn Powell/Shutterstock

Grandpa’s pride and joy

King George VI watches as Princess Elizabeth assists baby Prince Charles as he walks in early 1950. Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth stand to the right, gazing at the future Prince of Wales.

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A family photo from Scotland

In this photo taken on the grounds of Balmoral Castle in Scotland in late summer 1951, King George VI is on the far left and Queen Elizabeth is on the right; in the centre are Princess Elizabeth, her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and young Prince Charles, who is sitting on the deer sculpture. Princess Margaret is in the background.

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VARIOUS BRITISH ROYALTY - 1950SJohn Powell/Shutterstock

Bon voyage to a princess…

On January 31, 1952, King George VI, along with his wife and daughter, Margaret, descends the steps of the royal plane on which Princess Elizabeth sits with her husband. The King, Queen, and Princess said goodbye to the royal couple as they were leaving for a tour that would take them to Kenya. It was while she was in Africa that Elizabeth learned that she would become Queen.

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Historical Collection 84 The New Queen Elizabeth Ii Dressed in Black - Mourning Her Recently Deceased Father King George Vi - Returns to the Uk After Cutting Short Her Holiday in Kenya After Receiving the News She is Met by Various Politicians and Dignitaries Including Prime Minister Winston Churchill 1952Historia/Shutterstock

Long live the Queen

On February 7, 1952, Elizabeth, made her first appearance on English soil as Her Majesty, the Queen. She wore black because she was mourning the death of her father, King George VI. He had passed away two days earlier.

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