Queen Elizabeth Is Now Hiring a Sous Chef to Work at Buckingham Palace

Are your cooking skills fit for a Queen?

Queen Elizabeth is once again on the hunt for a sous chef.

According to the Royal Household, the Queen is hiring a sous chef who will be based at Buckingham Palace but will be expected to travel to the Queen’s other residences, Balmoral Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

What does it take to be the Queen’s sous chef?

Her Majesty is looking for someone to plan and develop menu items for events. The ad lays out the ideal candidate: “You’re an experienced and qualified Chef with a background in premier catering, looking to take on a new challenge.”

It sounds kind of like a royal caterer! The job listing doesn’t mention exact salary, but it has been reported to be £33,000 annually. That’s about $57,115 CAD. Not exactly royal, but as a bonus, the position does come with 33 days of vacation, free meals and accommodations. It’s hard to beat living in a castle. (Find out the highest paying job working for the royal family.)

Before you pack your bags, find out the one food the royal family can’t eat while travelling.

What does the Queen eat?

While the Queen is British, obviously, the posting specifies the chef must also be trained in classic French cuisine.

What might that entail? Lots of butter and cream to be sure. Maybe a slow-cooked beef stew Provencal, or a classic French onion soup topped with a thick layer of melted Swiss cheese, or a vegetable-heavy ratatouille?

We don’t have to speculate, though. Former personal chef to the Queen, Darren McGrady, spilled the beans on Queen Elizabeth’s favourite foods. Tea sandwiches and chocolate mousse might not be surprising, but starting the day with a bowl of Special K is perhaps less regal than expected.

If your tastes run more fish and chips than crepes suzette, you’ll appreciate these surprisingly frugal habits of the British royal family.

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