20 Dog Puns That Will Give You Paws

Time to unleash the ruff stuff when it comes to puns! Like a dog with a punny bone, we await your ap-paws!

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Beautiful Dalmatian dog
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Hide and Seek

The Dalmatian ran into the flower bed because he didn’t want to be spotted.

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Lost and Found

The dog catcher liked to sing while he picked up strays, “You ain’t nothing but a pound dog.”

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Camera Ready

The cute little puppy struck a pose for the pup-arazzi.

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Sunscreen Optional

The Dachshund moved his nap to the shade so he wouldn’t be mistaken for a hot dog.

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Run, Rover, Run

The retriever raised her eyebrows at her silly owner for tossing her a bone that was pretty far-fetched.

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Bearded Collie dog barking
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Deep Thoughts

What’s the best dog to take on a submarine? A subwoofer, of course.

Welcome to the World

The sturdy new puppies tore up the upholstery—what a bunch of litter pugs!

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Story Time

Great Dane owners are obsessed with tall tails.


The best type of home for your dog is ruff-housing. Woof-woof!

Puppy Bowl

Don’t drop snacks on the floor on game day—you don’t want to end up with a wide retriever!

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Man sleeping with dog
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Good Luck Charm

When you’ve got a dog on your side, anything is paw-sible.

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What a Saint

Their dog preyed on the neighborhood cats because it was a holy terrier.

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Spa Day

When the poodle exited the beauty parlor she was fierce and fur-ocious, like, fur real!

To Go, Please

You can always travel with your pet—just make sure you have a doggie bag!

Row Your Boat

Don’t take your dog out on the lake without a doggie paddle!

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Beautiful Pointer dog
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Best in Show

Show dogs rarely bark up the wrong pedigree.

Teacher’s Pet

Old dogs can’t learn new tricks in obedience school since they eat their homework.

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Top of the World, Ma!

Dogs are loyal to a fault—ever-devoted to their dog-ma and paw.

At the Races

Greyhounds never catch the rabbit at the dog races because every dog has a bad hare day!

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Dog Eat Dog

The dog’s breakfast was pure bread—Beagles and locks, some Chow-Chow, and Hair of the Dog after a three dog night. Hot diggety dog!

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