10 of the Most Gorgeous Shipwrecks Around the World

The stories behind shipwrecks can be tragic, but what they leave behind is stunning.

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SS Maheno shipwrecks
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SS Maheno

In 1935, the SS Maheno was headed to Japan when a cyclone caused the ship to sink. The ancient hull now sits on Queensland’s Fraser Island in Australia.

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Peter Iredale shipwreck
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Peter Iredale

The Peter Iredale ran aground along the Oregon coast because of heavy winds. Its rusted frame still sits in the sand, and people are able to walk up to it at low tide.

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MV Panagiotis shipwreck
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MV Panagiotis

The ship ran aground in 1980 due to stormy weather. It now sits on the coast of Zakynthos in Greece on a beach called Navagio Beach or “Shipwreck Beach.”

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Salem Express
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Salem Express

A strong storm caused this ship to hit a coral reef and sink, killing 470 people. It now sits at the bottom of the Red Sea.

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Eduard Bohlen
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Eduard Bohlen

The Eduard Bohlen was a former German cargo ship that ran aground. Its remains can now be seen in the desert on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

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SS Ayerfield
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SS Ayerfield

This isn’t actually a shipwreck; the SS Ayerfield was abandoned in Australia’s Homebush Bay after it was contaminated with toxic waste. Its rusted corpse now has a forest of mangrove trees growing on it, making it look absolutely breathtaking.

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Photo: Kibrok Photography/Shutterstock


This 119-foot boat sank after hitting a rock in shallow water. It now sits at the bottom of Ontario’s Tobermory harbour and can be explored by snorkelers and boaters.

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Pesuta shipwreck
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The Pesuta now sits on the shores of Haida Gwaii archipelago in British Columbia, Canada. To visit the shipwreck, people have to hike four hours through forests and beaches.

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SS Francisco Morazan
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SS Francisco Morazan

This ship was travelling from Chicago to Holland when a winter storm caused her to run aground off the shore of South Manitou Island in Michigan.

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USS Arizona
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USS Arizona

The USS Arizona sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in 1941. A memorial was built on top so tourists can visit the site of the shipwreck. If you look in the water around the ship, oil can still be seen leaking from the vessel.

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